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Tips to Keep Off Pests While Practicing Social Distancing

Millions of US citizens are still working from home, complying with partial lock down, and maintaining social distancing.

Due to this home isolation, people spend more time at home, changing daily routines, consuming more food, and generating more waste. All of these are attracting pests.

New studies reveal that there had been more than 303,000 online discussions on the social media platform in March 2020 regarding how to control termites, rodents, and other pests at home.

The instances of encountering pests are increasing in various parts of the country. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is advising homeowners by providing the necessary information to keep off pests.

If we take the example of termites, these insects create colonies close to food sources, and if they find soft or rotting wood, your home and the surrounding property can be at the center of termite colonies if not treated or controlled. If there are any signs of infestation, getting a termite inspection done is a good idea. 

Tips to Keep Off Pests While Practicing Social Distancing

Pests such as termites, bugs, and rodents thrive on finding vulnerable areas in homes to seek food sources. The following suggestions by NPMA will help keep off pests while practicing social distancing:

Check grocery items: These days, more people get groceries delivered at the doorstep to avoid stepping out because of the pandemic. The grocery items attract pests such as ants, cockroaches, and rodents. This is why get the things inside right away to avoid pest intervention. Besides, make sure to check all the items first to prevent bringing insects into your home.

Inspect damaged packages: Most online deliveries come in cardboard boxes, and over a period, they keep piling up at some corner of the home. Cardboard boxes provide a perfect avenue for pests like termites and cockroaches to get inside your home. Make sure to discard the packets to a dumpster to avoid infestation.

Clean up pet foods: Many kids and teenagers have been at home with their parents during the lock down due to schools and colleges' closure to maintain social distancing. Notably, many college students chose to move back to their homes to save money on rent. On many occasions, they took along their pets, such as dogs and cats. While staying at home, it is essential to clean up pet foods timely before they attract unwanted pests.

Prevent kids from littering foods: During the lock down, parents have been busy shuffling with managing work from home, kids' online learning schedules, and cooking. In such a scenario, keeping a tidy kitchen by cleaning up kids' snack trails can be daunting. It is a good idea to sweep your kitchen, dining rooms, and playrooms a few times a day for abandoned snacks and dishes before hungry pests start feeding on them.

Check under the hood: During the stay-at-home period, many people have left their cars in the garage or a parking spot for the past few months, and those may provide new shelters for pests. Mice and cockroaches can fast take up refuge under the hood and damage air filters and wiring. A report shows that in March 2020, there had been more than 2 million online conversations on the topic of finding rodents in cars. Do not forget to check your vehicle regularly to keep away these pests. 

You Can Hire a Professional Company for Termite Inspection

Identifying the signs of termites need experienced eyes. This is why you should leave the matter of termite inspection to professionals who have the proper training to find termite colonies in no time. Here is what professionals usually look for:

Damage to wooden floors, windows, and beams: During a termite inspection, experts may tap on the wooden floor, beams, and window to hear if there is a hollow sound. It indicates that termites may have infested the wood. Another sign is deep grooves on the softer parts of beams since termites feed on wood from inside out.

Mud tubes:When building colonies close to the source of food, termites create tunnels with soil, wood cellulose, and other small particles near a home's foundation. Signs of mud tubes in the areas such as the attic, chimneys, near pipes, or other access points indicate that termites may have been there for some time.

Clear dead tree branches & decayed wood fences:Termites feed and thrive on decayed wood containing moisture. Wood fences touching the home, wood mulch or piles of firewood, or other food sources can provide a breeding ground for termites. Experts usually check these areas during the termite inspection to find signs of an existing infestation.

High level of moisture in the walls: Termite experts often use a moisture meter to find moisture levels in the walls or wooden parts around doors/windows.A higher level of moisture can easily attract termites

Visible signs of swarming: During the seasons like late summer or fall, termite swarming is common across various US states. The swarms around the lights at the front or backyard are an indication that your home may have been infested by subterranean termites (dry wood termites do not swarm).


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We Can Help You with Termite Inspection

Termite inspection requires professional skills and experience. Instead of trying DIY methods, consult a professional termite control company. We are a locally-owned company and have been serving the Bay Area residents in California for more than 20 years.

We ensure that each inspection is thorough, and all the treatments come with a three-year full structure warranty when applying the microwave system or tent fumigation. On top of it, we also offer an annual maintenance warranty, which you can transfer if you decide to sell your house. We do everything possible to make our service convenient, effective, and affordable.

  • Dec 03, 2020
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