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HiTech Termite Control use today’s most advanced technologies to control and eliminate termite problems.

Hi Tech's microwave technology is clean and efficient. Microwaving in conjunction with state registered chemicals, such as non-repellant Termidor, to treat drywood and dampwood termites and power powder post beetles. For subterranean termite control, HI TECH uses non-repellant termidor for prevention of future infestations, Hi Tech uses Timbor which is sprayed on bare wood in attics and crawl spaces.

Furthermore we offer a three year, full structure warranty with our primary and secondary treatment termite services covering all species of termites and wood boring beetles.

Work is quick and easy Simply stated, microwave energy converts to heat that kills termites and beetles infesting the wood. Heat is generated by a magnetron head mounted on a tripod for easy access to floors, walls and ceilings. The magnatrons funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood and killing the termites.

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