HiTech Termite Control
HiTech Termite Control use today’s most advanced technologies to control and eliminate termite problems.

Hi Tech's microwave technology is clean and efficient. Microwaving in conjunction with state registered chemicals, such as non-repellant Termidor, to treat drywood and dampwood termites and power powder post beetles. For subterranean termite control, HI TECH uses non-repellant termidor for prevention of future infestations, Hi Tech uses Timbor which is sprayed on bare wood in attics and crawl spaces.

Furthermore we offer a three year, full structure warranty with our primary and secondary treatment termite services covering all species of termites and wood boring beetles.

Work is quick and easy Simply stated, microwave energy converts to heat that kills termites and beetles infesting the wood. Heat is generated by a magnetron head mounted on a tripod for easy access to floors, walls and ceilings. The magnatrons funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood and killing the termites.

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How can I prevent a termite infestation?

The later a termite infestation is spotted, the higher the damage that will have occurred, and the larger the number of the pests. Regular professional termite inspections followed by the appropriate preventive treatments are the only way to keep a home termite-free. The adage of prevention being better than cure is very relevant to termite infestations.

How do I know I have termites?

There are four (4) species of wood-destroying pest in Northern California. Drywood, Subterranean, Dampwood Termites and Powder Post Beetles. Drywood termites are the most common termites found About 78% of structures inspected each year are infested with this type. Subterranean about 26% and dampwood and powder post beetles are about 2%. Drywood termites leave piles of droppings or pellets near their nest. They also swarm on warm days leaving the nest to breed. Swarmers look like red ants with wings. Actually they have a red head and long brown body. Subterranean termites are ground dwelling and build tubes to access their food. Look for mud tubes or swarmers in the spring months. Subterranean swarmers look like small black water ants with wings. The easiest way to identity flying ants from termites is to check the insect’s wings. If the wings are short stubby and end at the rear end of the insect, it is a flying ant. If the wings are long, tear-shaped and twice the length of the insect, it is a termite. Also hollow wood is very good indication.

Read more FAQs here: www.hitechtermite.com/faqs.html

What attracts termites in the house?

Termites feed on cellulose, which is wood, paper, plant products like leaves, some vegetables, etc. If anything that termites eat is in a house, and accessible to them, they will find a way to reach the material and consume it. Termites may be tiny, but they have voracious appetites and the strength and perseverance to find their way to where the consumable material is, even if the human occupying the house think they have kept it out of termite reach. If you are finding termites in your home, the only way to be sure of getting rid of them and protecting the house is to have termite removal done by a professional termite control company that will provide you with a warranty on its services.

Is pest control harmful? How do I get rid of termites safely?

Pest control should be harmful only to the pests, not the humans or pets living in the home. DIY pest control methods are both ineffective and potentially harmful to the occupants of the home, which is why they can be so dangerous. To be sure of total elimination of the pests and the safety of the home and those living in it, use the service of a professional pest control company that offers a warranty on its services.

How can I get rid of swarmer termites?

My home suffered a swarmer termite infestation some years ago. A local handyman did some treatment for me and it seemed that the termites were removed. It was only later I found that they had only been driven deeper into the woodwork and continued to cause damage. It was only when rotten wood was appearing all over the house that I knew they were still there. The repairs cost me a huge amount and after that, I use only a professional termite control company that gives a warranty on its services.

How can I make my home impenetrable to insects or animals of any type?

If you are someone who wishes to keep their office or home in perfect condition, it is best to get pest control annually or half yearly. This ensures that your property remains in optimal condition all through the year.  Call us now at (888) 322-8889 or send an email to info@hitechtermite.com, and we will get into action right away. 

How frequently should I get my house checked for any pests?

If you are someone who wishes to keep their office or home in perfect condition, it is best to get pest control annually or half yearly. This ensures that your property remains in optimal condition all through the year. Call us now at (888) 322-8889 or send an email to info@hitechtermite.com, and we will get into action right away.

What are the signs of termite infestation?

Sometimes, the termites in your house can be difficult to find out. It becomes important to detect termites as soon as possible to avoid damage. Some of the signs of termites in your home include damaged wood, windows that are difficult to open, termite droppings, wall damage, discoloured walls, etc. The best way to safeguard your home from any structural damage is to get good termite treatment

What is the most effective treatment for termites?

Termites act as a hindrance to the structural integrity of your home. If you realize that there are termites in your home, you should comprehend the level to which the infestation has advanced and then treat them appropriately.

Some of the most effective treatments for termites include the following: 1) liquid soil-applied termiticide, which requires digging a trench 2) termite baits wherein bait stations are carefully placed around the termite areas. 3) wood treatments which include surface sprays.

What are the signs of termites in your house?

It depends on the type of termites. If they are flying ones, there may be discarded wings and dropping on window sills and other points of entry. Other types of termites may leave droppings or small piles of sawdust around where they are. Spotting the signs of a termite infestation is not easy for those who have not been trained in what to look for – the signs are easy to miss. It is better to use a professional termite control company to do a termite inspection. If any termites are found, they will be removed and the best companies offer a warranty on their services, so the home remains safe in the future.

How often should I treat my house for termites?

There is no definite answer to this question. Various factors influence the frequency at which termite treatment is required. These include whether the area is prone to termite infestation, the type of termites, how effective the previous removal was and how long the protection will last, etc. The best way to keep your home safe is to have a termite inspection and treatment done by a professional termite control company that will give you a multi-year warranty on its services so that your home remains protected.

Can I treat for termites myself?

You can, but you will be putting your home at risk. Termite infestations are difficult to spot and if allowed to remain, will do a huge amount of damage. If the infestation is spotted, ensuring that it is completely removed requires expert knowledge and experience. DIY termite control can never keep your home truly safe. Only professional termite control will do that.

Can Termites Damage Gold and Other Expensive Items? Most people would scoff after reading the title but remember that termites are persistent creatures. Not so sure now, right? But the straightforward answer to the question of whether termites can damage gold is still a solid no. So, relax if you have already started mapping out termite control measures for your gold jewellery. 

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Reviews - 11

Right S

Getting it done and getting it done right. I've gone through multiple termite company before choosing the right one, Terminix (which just glance at the issue and left), Homeguard (who never take responsibility for their previous work) and couple other companies that just stare at one point without evaluating the perimeter. Hi Tech provides all the information you need to get started and what you need to know about termites, their activities and how to prevent and stop them. The team that took care of my problem (James, Donald, and Bo) was very courteous, respectful, and full of information. James cover the bases on what they will be doing and what to expect, he walks you through each step and making sure your comfortable with the process. Bo and Donald are fast and hard workers they went through around the house with James securing the perimeter and Bo deal with the infestation from the inside. These team don't take shortcuts. They make sure every area is covered and addressed. Most of all they clean after themselves (this is rare).

26 November 2021


I'm leaving an update because I'm so impressed with the way Rene and Hi Tech handled our recent issue! We just installed a French Drain which means that the contractors dug a four foot deep trench around our entire house. So, all the termite treatment that Hi-Tech had put around the house last Fall was totally removed and had to be replaced. We called Rene and not only did he come and re-treat the our house, but he also worked with our contractor's schedule to do his treatment on the least disruptive, most beneficial day possible. We can't emphasize enough how great it is to work with Rene, who is a true professional! He really is the best in the business. Our neighbors and friends have asked us who we have recently used as they are due for a treatment in the next year. We will be sure to send them to Rene!!

26 November 2021


OUTSTANDING SERVICE I just had excellent termite service by Cory at Hi Tech Termite Control. I previously had been using a big name Termite company with whom I had a service contract for about 25 years. Over the years, I noticed their service became less thorough. On their latest quick 20 minute inspection of a 4,000 square foot house they found no termites. I knew of one infestation that was easy to see and was amazed the big name company missed it. A visit to Yelp told me my termite service company was one of the lowest rated in San Diego. I contacted Hi Tech because of their high Yelp rating. Steve came out an found a couple of termite infestations. We cancelled our previous contract and had Hi Tech come out to kill the termites. Cory has just spent the day meticulously treating the various termite infestations with both chemicals and microwave. He also sprayed our attic with borate to guard against future infestations. I am a scientist and I was impressed with Cory's attention to detail, the care he took to keep our home clean, and his patience and knowledge answering my many questions. Hi Tech's service is far and away better, more through, and more knowledgeable than the big name Termite company ever was. I will definitely use Hi Tech in the future and highly recommend their service.

26 November 2021


Very happy with Hi Tech and especially inspector Benjamin who is super thorough and knowledgeable!

26 November 2021

Charles Dollar

It was a very good place to meet your needs and the personnel was very nice

24 November 2021

Marian M.

Jim was super nice and helped us figure out the problem. He was on time, knowledgeable, and professional.

20 October 2021

Jerry Y.

I found termite frass (droppings) around the baseboard of my bedroom. I took a picture of the frass, and left it there. Your instinct is to clean up the droppings, but don't! Leave it so that the termite inspection folk can see it. Anyhow, I immediately jumped on Yelp! to search for termite control. After reading through couple of reviews and companies, I decided to submit a request for a free inspection with three highly rated companies. Hi Tech was the first to respond, mind you this was on a Saturday. I was asked to contact their office on Monday to schedule an appointment. When Monday morning came around I was able to schedule for a free inspection a week after. The appointment setter was upfront, and provided some estimate cost of their service, which as a homeowner I really appreciate the transparency. I setup an inspection a week later and was off the phone in less than 10 min. On the day of the inspection, Jim the estimator came on time, was respectful with my property, and most of all, he was detailed in his inspection. Jim crawled underneath the house and the hot attic to ensure all areas are inspected. This was all free, and he spent about an hour documenting areas that required treatment, and suggested localized treatment plan. The other termite companies came and spent less than 5 min. before suggesting fumigation. It's easier to suggest fumigation because most of the termite companies subcontract out the fumigation because they get a cut without the risk. I decided to go with Hi Tech because of those reasons above. Also, the cost was 1/3 of fumigation and they provided a three year warranty. The day of the treatment, the tech explained the steps and answered all of my questions. They treated the crawl space, sprayed the attic, and treated the baseboards. They also treated a few areas in my garage as well. It took about four hours to complete, and they wore shoes protection when inside my house and vacuumed up most areas, but not all areas. I had to vacuum a few areas after they left. All in all it was pretty painless, except the payment part. If you plan to pay by credit, they will write down your credit card info on the invoice and process later. Some folks may feel uneasy about this process.

20 October 2021

Colin B

Ben, our inspector was communicative, timely, professional and kind. He did a thorough inspection of the home, answered my ignorant questions without judgement and made some modest recommendations. The inspection write up followed the day after with an option for some preventative treatments. Although we are choosing to hold off for now, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be using them when our next pest need arises.

20 October 2021

Sun T.

I got quotes from 3-4 termite companies, and I felt Hi Tech Termite was the best, and I was right. Their service was stressfree and very reliable. They communicate well, and service crews were efficient. I highly recommend this company. I use them regularly from now.

28 September 2021

Grant M

Really pleased with Hi-Tech Termite Control. Well-spoken smart group of people with a lot of knowledge. I had a problem about a year ago and it cropped back up again, and today they came back to fix it... for free! Love that. We're in the middle of Covid-19 right now, and the 2 guys were masked up with shoe covers before they even got out of the truck. And to top it off, they vacuumed up way more area than they needed to. While I hope I don't need to hire them again, I would in an instant.

20 November 2020

Noah G

We were so impressed by this company. We had another company check the house and give us an estimate but we wanted another offer before we go ahead with their suggestions. Liked the reviews I saw on Yelp, so we called and scheduled an inspection. Jim arrived on time and preformed a thorough inspection of the house, including the crawl space and attic. He was very patient and explained in details his findings. We also received a written report. Hi Tech Termite Control gave us the impression that they are highly professional and fair. We decided to go with their recommendations and scheduled a local treatment to deal with the infected area. I will recommend to my friends to call them if they ever suspect they have termites.

26 May 2020

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