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HiTech Termite Control use today’s most advanced technologies to control and eliminate termite problems.

Hi Tech's microwave technology is clean and efficient. Microwaving in conjunction with state registered chemicals, such as non-repellant Termidor, to treat drywood and dampwood termites and power powder post beetles. For subterranean termite control, HI TECH uses non-repellant termidor for prevention of future infestations, Hi Tech uses Timbor which is sprayed on bare wood in attics and crawl spaces.

Furthermore we offer a three year, full structure warranty with our primary and secondary treatment termite services covering all species of termites and wood boring beetles.

Work is quick and easy Simply stated, microwave energy converts to heat that kills termites and beetles infesting the wood. Heat is generated by a magnetron head mounted on a tripod for easy access to floors, walls and ceilings. The magnatrons funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood and killing the termites.

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How can I prevent a termite infestation?

The later a termite infestation is spotted, the higher the damage that will have occurred, and the larger the number of the pests. Regular professional termite inspections followed by the appropriate preventive treatments are the only way to keep a home termite-free. The adage of prevention being better than cure is very relevant to termite infestations.

How do I know I have termites?

There are four (4) species of wood-destroying pest in Northern California. Drywood, Subterranean, Dampwood Termites and Powder Post Beetles. Drywood termites are the most common termites found About 78% of structures inspected each year are infested with this type. Subterranean about 26% and dampwood and powder post beetles are about 2%. Drywood termites leave piles of droppings or pellets near their nest. They also swarm on warm days leaving the nest to breed. Swarmers look like red ants with wings. Actually they have a red head and long brown body. Subterranean termites are ground dwelling and build tubes to access their food. Look for mud tubes or swarmers in the spring months. Subterranean swarmers look like small black water ants with wings. The easiest way to identity flying ants from termites is to check the insect’s wings. If the wings are short stubby and end at the rear end of the insect, it is a flying ant. If the wings are long, tear-shaped and twice the length of the insect, it is a termite. Also hollow wood is very good indication.

Read more FAQs here: www.hitechtermite.com/faqs.html

What attracts termites in the house?

Termites feed on cellulose, which is wood, paper, plant products like leaves, some vegetables, etc. If anything that termites eat is in a house, and accessible to them, they will find a way to reach the material and consume it. Termites may be tiny, but they have voracious appetites and the strength and perseverance to find their way to where the consumable material is, even if the human occupying the house think they have kept it out of termite reach. If you are finding termites in your home, the only way to be sure of getting rid of them and protecting the house is to have termite removal done by a professional termite control company that will provide you with a warranty on its services.

Is pest control harmful? How do I get rid of termites safely?

Pest control should be harmful only to the pests, not the humans or pets living in the home. DIY pest control methods are both ineffective and potentially harmful to the occupants of the home, which is why they can be so dangerous. To be sure of total elimination of the pests and the safety of the home and those living in it, use the service of a professional pest control company that offers a warranty on its services.

How can I get rid of swarmer termites?

My home suffered a swarmer termite infestation some years ago. A local handyman did some treatment for me and it seemed that the termites were removed. It was only later I found that they had only been driven deeper into the woodwork and continued to cause damage. It was only when rotten wood was appearing all over the house that I knew they were still there. The repairs cost me a huge amount and after that, I use only a professional termite control company that gives a warranty on its services.

How can I make my home impenetrable to insects or animals of any type?

If you are someone who wishes to keep their office or home in perfect condition, it is best to get pest control annually or half yearly. This ensures that your property remains in optimal condition all through the year.  Call us now at (888) 322-8889 or send an email to info@hitechtermite.com, and we will get into action right away. 

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One of my tenants reported a suspected termite finding in her apartment so I got on Yelp and looked for a Termite company. Found Hi-Tech and liked their ad and the reviews I read. I called them and they were able to schedule an evaluation a few days later. Ben Ortiz came out and confirmed I had an infestation of Subterranean termites in the apartment. I decided to have them evaluate the entire property and glad I did. They found several areas along the building perimeter of more termite colonies. They provided me a full termite report and a bid for the treatment which was very reasonable. We scheduled the treatment a few days later. James and Sean came out to do the work. They both were very professional and completed the entire job in less than 2 hours. James explained everything to me including the warranty and follow-up over the next 3 years. Everyone involved were very professional and I'm glad I chose Hi-Tech.

Michael H.

17 April 2024

If you have termites or suspect you might have termites, this is the place to call! Making an appointment for a free inspection was super easy, just call and they’ll fit you in. You get an email confirmation of your appointment and day of, the tech will call you when they’re on their way. My inspector was Sean and he was really awesome! He came right on time, did a very thorough inspection and explained everything to me in detail and made sure I understood. He even pointed other potential issues I may have with my house that wasn’t termites. He was very receptive to all my questions. He even wore foot booties in the house which was awesome! Most people don’t so that was very considerate. Honestly I think Hi Tech Termite Control is really lucky to have Sean and in turn it makes this company a great choice! I highly recommend!!

Anne Pham

11 March 2024

They have been excellent. Benjamin was very knowledgeable. He evaluated the termite problem at our storage garages and sent us a detailed report with treatment costs. The office staff communicated well…the technicians arrived on schedule and knew exactly what needed to be done. We will definitely will use HiTech for all our future termite problems…Burg Storage, LLC

Norman Burg

16 February 2024

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