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Did you know? 91% of consumers choose the Internet over traditional means to find local business information. However, according to the Association of Directory Marketing, 25-30% of listings are posted inaccurately on search sites.

How LBN's Local Business Directory works... Search for any service provider anywhere in the world. Use LBN's easy to navigate search feature. There are thousands of businesses listed in our database. Search by Country, State, City, Business Category or Zip code.

LBN provides the opportunity for small business owners to register their business information on their own to avoid inaccurate listings. Once you have registered you will join the other members of this small business directory and benefit by getting more business, as people throughout the world will find you easily by doing a simple search.

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What is a Business Directory?

Business Directories are Yellow Pages of the online world. They contain a listing of business establishments categorized by location, industry vertical, and other specific parameters.Clicking on the listing will take the user to the company website where more information on the products and services are available.Such directories make it easy for prospective customers to identify the company most suited to their needs and contact them.

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