What is SEO?

Strategizing your SEO Part 1Search Engine Optimization or SEO is widely used in digital marketing. In our earlier posts we described how SEO will help in increasing your web traffic (read it here).But the problem lies in the fact that not many new digital marketers or experienced ones in some cases, actually understand what SEO is!

What is SEO?

SEO is a method for you to increase the quantity and quality of traffic your website gets, through search results that are organic! By organic, we mean the traffic you get to your website which does not involve any payment from your end.

SEO is not a business goal

SEO should not be the goal of your business! Instead you need to set certain personalized business goals and then start ranking keywords, based on those business goals! SEO is just a way to control some of the results displayed on Google when certain keywords get entered. Your goal for example can be to spread awareness among the public about your content and SEO is one way to achieve that, but not the sole way and that needs to be understood!

How can it help with your marketing goals?

Taking the same example about spreading awareness about your brand to the public, SEO can help you achieve your goal of creating brand awareness. When more people visit your site, their interactions can provide you valuable information about the type of audience that gets attracted by your posts. Once you get a fair idea about who is really engaging with your content, you can retarget a similar audience and create more brand awareness.

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Getting to the strategizing part

SEO can be used to find keywords with high demand, low competition and high conversion rates. For example the keyword “soccer” is quite generic but it is on high demand due to the number of times it gets entered on Google. On the other hand, “45 day fat loss muscle building program” is highly specific and low on demand but you have a higher chance of getting your page up to the top of the search results (high conversion) if you rank for certain specific keywords such as the one mentioned above.

SEO can help you strategize with this and you can target a mix of high conversion and high demand keywords suitable to your page. Initially, you can rank for low competition keywords to build your organic traffic. Once your page gets a set amount of traffic per month, you can rank for more competitive keywords, but more on this later!

The main idea of SEO is to attract customers who like your content, put out your brand for the public to see and help you make your way up to the top of the search results. SEO however cannot build your brand for you or help your customers buy from your site. That depends on the content quality and the quality of your website!

This is the basic idea of SEO. In our next post, we will talk more about hardcore strategizing SEO techniques to build your brand!

  • Apr 27, 2019

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