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Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Will Increase Your Website Traffic-Part 2

If you read our blog last month, you would have a basic idea on how to increase your website traffic. If you haven’t read it yet, take a quick glance over here!

Now that you have read the first post, here are a few more ways in which Search Engine Optimization can help in increasing your website conversion!


You might have articles or posts that reached  out to a lot of audience! But some of your older posts may not have  done so well. So what do you do about them? You can learn a lot from the posts that did well and those that did not. Find out what made the good ones get a better reach among the audience. Some ways  by which you can revamp your old content is by adding more detailed images or infographics.  Be more specific with the title, update hashtags and keywords etc. Your old content will now reach more audience.


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Once your website has been online for long enough, you need to target keywords.

1. Choose keywords with good volume but not the greatest volume. Start from the bottom and work your way up. If you use keywords that have large traffic, you will be competing with the top web pages at a very premature stage.

2. Always use relevant keywords suiting your business model.

3. Be specific with keywords. For example, Laptops and laptops with backlight. The help narrows down the search for customers and gets your website on top of the list  faster.

4. Before publishing your content, double check the formatting, spacing and the number of times the keyword appears in your page.

5. After publishing, analyze the reach of your post and modify keywords suitably.


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Social media platforms have played a very pivotal role in increasing the popularity and reach of posts to the target audiences in recent years. As new platforms keep emerging, website owners have more opportunities to improve the reach of the website. But, always remember that you need to post your content on credible platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, Slideshare, etc. These websites help build your follower base and improve your website conversion rate. To get started on these platforms, posting about trending topics relevant to your business initially, will help. Later you can turn around to more specific and website related posts.



Corporate giants employ the best analysts in the world! Follow these analysts and look for the articles they write on SEO or website conversion. You will have a lot to learn from these experts. The reason the posts and websites of these titans reach the greater part of the audience is because of their analytical and optimization techniques. Certain websites like UberSuggest, Google Analytics, etc. can help you create new keywords to see how well they are performing.

The two posts we have on our website about SEO should definitely give you a fair idea on how to get your website up and running and reach more audience! Stay tuned to our post next month for more on Digital Marketing!

  • Sep 27, 2018

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