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List of Top 10 SEO Companies in Chennai

List of Top 10 SEO Companies in ChennaiSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is jargon that you often hear when talking about marketing strategies for businesses. Whether you have a well-established brand or starting with a small business in the online platform, SEO is an essential factor in keeping your website running.

So what is all this hype about SEO? And why is it important for the website? Why is there so much stress on following the best SEO practices? Well, the answer is: optimizing your website such that it gains higher brand visibility.

SEO is considered the process of optimizing your website to show in the list of top results when a certain keyword is searched.

Google contributes to about 75% of the searches in all search engines. Also, there is a lot of content on the internet, with about 24 blogs posted every second, and yours getting recognized would require some effort. SEO helps you enhance your website's quality and quantity when it comes to organic search engine results. Organic traffic for the website refers to your website's traffic for which you do not have to pay for.



Why do you need an SEO expert? 

While the concept of SEO might seem simple, there are layers in it that might need you to spend some quality time on getting it right.

  • A proper SEO strategy would require you to consider the three facets – technical, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

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  • Different SEO strategies would create a varied level of impacts depending on your business type.
  • For making the SEO strategy work, you should consider the marketing psychology and user intent to create quality onsite content.
  • There are a lot of SEO tools available, and each has itsbenefits. For example, SEMRush is best when you need to know your competitor's performance, while Ahrefs is best for checking and monitoring backlinks.

(So, quite a lot of factors to be considered, right? Don't worry! SEO, when done correctly, can be fructifying).

Considering all these points and developing the best SEO strategy would require an SEO expert with good experience. The solution to your website's problem can be as simple as changing the HTML title tags or one which involves complex procedures; thus, it will be best to hand over the responsibility to the experts.


Top 10 SEO companies in Chennai

If you are running a business in Chennai and would like to hire an SEO expert to take care of your website's marketing, you have a lot to choose from. Here is a list of the top SEO companies that can provide you with the best services to save you time.


1. InfiniX

Started in 2011, InfiniX has grown to be one of the leading SEO service providers in Chennai. Along with the SEO services, they also provide their clients with full-service branding and digital marketing. With over 10 years of experience in the field, the experts at InfiniX can ensure that your website, blog, or online store is optimized for SEO to be recognized easily by the search engines.

Whether you have a well-established brand or recently starting with your business, professional SEO experts can help you achieve your required results in the optimum period.

InfiniX boasts of a diverse clientele list consisting of small businesses to few dozens of Fortune 500 companies. They are one of the best SEO providers in Chennai, and their international clients' list proves that the company can work for you even if your business is not based in Chennai. Some of the clients they work for include Appaswamy Real Estates, FIFA design school, Green Trends, Allsec Technologies, and Deejos Interiors.

Some of the SEO services that InfiniX provides include off-page SEO, on-page SEO, technical SEO, mobile SEO, international SEO, migration SEO, SEO audit, and many more. You can get customizable SEO packages that can be tailored for your needs and budgets. If you are looking for an affordable SEO company that provides you with the best services, InfiniX should be one of your top priorities.

Key Services Offered: SEO, SEM, SMM, CRO, ORM, and display advertising

Location: 37F, Velachery main rd, Velachery, Chennai-42.  |  +91-909-478-8337  |


2. istudiotech

iStidop Technologiesistudiotech was started in 2008 and is one of the leading web designing companies in Chennai. A quality search engine optimization strategy would require the experts to be aware of the market changes daily. istudiotech, with its young and dedicated team of experts, is committed to providing its clients with excellent service.


Over 11+ years of experience in web designing and digital marketing, istudiotech has worked with 900+ clients of diverse platforms. Other than the SEO services, istudiotech also provides quality web design and creative web development.

Every business has its unique requirements and will need different strategies to make them visible. This is why istudiotech experts provide their clients with web applications and services that are specifically tailored for their particular needs. Also, the services provided are 100% customer-oriented. Thus, when you need a company that can truly hear your needs and work according to them, you should consider going with Istudiotech.

With the quality services offered, Istudiotech has managed to get themselves a diverse range of clients. Some of them include Larsen& Toubro, VGN, Caplin Point laboratories, Hindu Mission hospitals, CLRI, Mitsubishi, India Nippon, and many more.

Key services offered: web design and development, App design and development, SEO services, digital marketing, e-commerce.

Location: 41, Senthamil Nagar Annexe, Arunachalam 2ndCross Street, Ramapuram, Chennai-89  |  8807003902  |


3. DigitalSEO

Digital SEODigitalSEO is a company with astute management experts, creative designers, and digital strategists. They can provide you with quality services and help you achieve results in less time. DigitalSEO was started in 2012 in Chennai, and now it has a branch in Tirunelveli too.


The experts at DigitalSEO have prior experience in digital marketing and can provide you with customized solutions for your needs. Any business would need an SEO strategy to keep their website visible, and DigitalSEO can provide you with strategies that will help you increase the organic traffic for your website.

They have an array of different clients on their list, and some of them include Anderson Diagnostics & Labs, Inspace furniture solutions, Jaag hotel, Delfin Automation Systems, and many more.

The 9+ years of experience in the digital marketing fields of Chennai B2B and B2C markets have certainly helped forge their reputation in the SEO market. When you need a quality SEO company that offers the best services with a lasting impression, you should consider going with DigitalSEO.

Key Services offered: SEM, SMO, ORM, Google Analytics, content writing and marketing, web designing, and Pay Per Click services

Location: 209, Vignarajapuram 6th Cross Street, Medavakkam, Chennai-100  |  +91 9283183983  |


4. LBN Tech Solutions

LBN Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.LBN is a company that was established in 2004 and is known for providing quality services in various facets like web designing, SEO, content marketing, and more. Their 15+ years of expertise in the field might be one reason for the advanced digital marketing services they use, which can only be created with a deeper understanding of market behavior.

LBN boasts of prioritizing quality over everything else, and their long client list might be enough proof of this. The list is diverse, starting from the small-scale business clients to the big brand names and even the international clients. Some of the firms they provide services include Kauvery hospital, Kim's Tae Kwon Do, Family Giving Tree, Hills Dental, Esteem Real Estates, and many more.

Social media presence and SEO become an essential factor in making a business thrive through all the competition. This will keep you visible and present in your potential clients' minds and, in turn, boost your business. Creating a social media account is an easy job, but maintaining it requires a lot of time. LBN provides quality services in terms of SEO and relevant content creation, which helps your brand stand out from the rest. They also help you with the optimization of your website and increase the overall rating.

One of the best qualities that make LBN preferable is the ease of communication with their experts. Their sound and straightforward explanation of the technical details in layman language makes it easier for us to be part of the strategy by understanding it. Problem-solving skill with excellent communication, ensuring to respond to the client's queries within 24 hours makes them one of the best in the business.

Key services offered: Web design, SEO, Content creation, social media marketing

Location: Old# 67, New# 36, 3rd street, D Block, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-102.  |  +91 9962744118  |



INIT SEOINITSEO is one of the leading SEO and online marketing company that can ensure that your website is provided with good web traffic. When you want your website to have better brand visibility or boost your sales, you can go with INITSEO.


They provide their clients with well-organized on-page and off-page optimization, which can make your website turn up on the first page of the search results. They promise swift and effective strategies by a skilled team of professional online marketers to get you instant results.

Their use of the combination of SEO and social media techniques can make your website dominate in the SERPs and provide the clients with profitable results. Other than SEO services, they also have included other services like website conversations and pay-per-click campaigns for multifaceted sites.

Key services offered: SEO, PPC, social media, web design

Location: 31/9, South KR Koil Street, West Mambalam, Chennai-33  |  8939659229  |


6. Chennai SEO Company

Chennai SEO CompanyThe Chennai SEO Company, established by a team of experienced digital marketers and website developers, offers its clients the best quality and performance of unbeatable value for the money you spend. They aim to level the field for even the smallest of the businesses with SEO strategies.


Chennai SEO Company can be your best pick since they help provide services that can make a difference even within a limited budget. Digital marketing can sometimes be hard to figure out, and their package which comes with the consultancy can make the clients relax.

Every SEO strategy has its advantages, and this can be seen in the results. Thus, Chennai SEO Company provides its customers with tailored solutions tailored to their requirements and budgets. They also offer the clients with most robust possible ROI and maintain consistent communication.

Some of Chennai SEO company's clients include Colorcubes studio, Liberty Park hotel, and Nandini Consultancy.

Key services offered: SEO, link building, guest posting services, Google Adwords management, SEO web design, FB marketing services.

Location: SP-7A, 1st and 2nd floor, Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai-32.  |  +91 9790457257  |


7. SEO Infinity

SEO InfinitySEO Infinity is a certified SEO company that can provide you with a wide range of outsourcing solutions and search engine optimization. SEO has a crucial part in increasing the organic traffic for your website and getting into the search engines' first-page range. SEO Infinity boasts of providing their clients with sincere and transparent solutions with experienced professionals; this has made them one of the leading SEO companies in the market.

Constant improvisation is the key especially with SEO services since the market and its requirement changes every second. It would be best if you tried going with the advanced techniques to stay ahead of your competitors. SEO Infinity practices in-house testing so that the clients can understand the services offered better. The satisfied customer reviews on the website prove their competence and their high-quality services.

SEO Infinity ensures its clients' top places in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. They use highly advanced SEO techniques created by experts in the field and use effective implementation using the leading SEO software tools to get the best results.

Some of SEO Infinity's clientsinclude 32 Dental Care, Sangeetha restaurants, Jai Info Systems, Fair Deal Coffee Express, and Sai Ortho Care.

Key services provided: SEO, PPC, link building, social media, web design, website audit, and content creation

Location: 18/105, P.P. Garden, 1st Cross Street, Chennai-29.  |  +91 9841567731  |


8. SEO with Sankar

SEO with SankarSEO with Sankar is a trained SEO freelancing professional in Chennai. With SEO becoming asignificant part of every company's digital marketing strategy, it is essential to have the best guidance to make it work. Sankar is an SEO freelancer in Chennai who can improve the SEO aspect of your digital marketing campaign.


SEO with Sankar provides you with a free SEO audit that can help you understand the respective SEO strategy's budget needs. Sankar is one of the top-ranked SEO experts in Chennai, and with his keen understanding of analytics, he can provide you with efficient result-oriented reports, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

SEO processes can sometimes get technical, and SEO with Sankar helps you understand it easily. It also backs it up with transparent reporting. Also, different businesses and platforms would require experts to come with innovative SEO strategies. Thus, SEO with Sankar gives you the option of bespoke SEO services that are specifically tailored for your needs. The cost involved is also affordable, which can be of great benefit for small businesses that do not allow large budgets for marketing.

Key services provided: Web design and development, SEO

Location: A.K.S Garden, Flat no: F1, Ramagiri Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-42.  |  +91 7299120031  |


9. SEO 4U

SEO4U.COM is oSEO4Une of the professional organic SEO companies in Chennai, and they provide their customers with strategies for building traffic for their website, conversions, increasing sales, and many more. Their team of experts uses the latest techniques in organic search engine optimization and the power of the social web to help the clients understand the needs of their customers and act according to them.

The SEO and SEM expertise and innovative ideas help SEO 4U provide their clients with the strategies tailored to achieve the internet marketing goals efficiently and effectively. All the SEO processes and techniques used by SEO 4U is claimed to be proven and tested by their in-house SEO experts using advanced technology.

Digital marketing takes on a new form everyday and thus would require the same from the SEO experts. The methods used by SEO 4U are highly advanced and up-to-date. Internet marketing and promotion strategies are developed with inputs from the clients. Their open approach to the clients and the result-driven strategies used, make them one of the preferable choices in the market.

Key services offered: SEO, SEM, online branding, social media marketing, email marketing, local search marketing

Location: No.52, 1st floor, Anna Nagar Plaza, C 47, 2nd Avenue Anna Nagar, Chennai-40  |  91-44-42170137  |


10. Justsee SEO company

Justsee LogoJustsee SEO is one of the leading SEO service providers in Chennai. When your website shows in the first page results, it can lead to more traffic and, therefore, more leads. Justsee SEO Company creates strategies that will help your website reach these levels and develop more visibility for your brand.


Justsee SEO Company uses the advanced white hat techniques that the experts in the field provide. They aim to give you the best services which can deliver results in the shortest period. Natural search engine results for your website serve as building stones for your brand's success. By using targeted techniques, experts at Justsee SEO Company help you increase traffic and boost sales.

They offer different SEO packages, each having unique features and at different affordability ranges. As per your need and your allocated budget, you can choose the one that will be of the best use to you. They also help combine other services like keyword research, meta data alterations, status reports, and SEO services to provide the best results.

Key services offered: CMS, SEO, SEM, SMO, content writing, Google Analytics

Location: No: 2, Senthil Nagar, 3rd Main Road, Kolathur, Chennai-99  |  9094939393  |



We have come up with this list of the top 10 SEO companies in Chennai based on their performance and client base. While this list is subjective, the ratings can vary in the future.

This list is curated with the limit of our knowledge about the projects handled by these companies and the customer's reviews. If you have had any experience working with any of these companies, you are welcome to share your feedback. This can help us further refine our list in the future.

  • Mar 27, 2021

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