Small Biz Ideas with Low Investment

Top 10 Reasons Why your Small Business MUST have a Digital Presence

People who venture into starting their own small business, often have their own reasons for doing so. Sifting through the reasons, the most common reasons are:

  • Generating more income
  • Pursuing a passion
  • Foresee a lucrative proposition in supplying the general public with a much needed product or service
  • Balancing Work and Family life
  • Age Factor and the Hiring Processes
  • Being your own boss.

Starting a new business may seem like a big challenge, but contrary to what you may expect, there are many small business ideas that you can explore, where you can focus on the business per se, and not worry too much about the initial investment costs or the logistics. To help you get started this blog lists a few small business ideas that require low investment.

1. Bakery / Dessert Cafeteria

If you have a passion for baking and make custom cakes, then you already have the skills to be in a business that will last you a lifetime. Add some delectable desserts to the menu and you have a business that is set to take off. Events such as a birthday, a wedding, corporate parties and events, Farewells, Baby Showers, and just parties or family gatherings, any event for that matter, cakes and desserts will always be required.

2. Website or Apps Developer

Every business today requires a website. A quality website designer or an apps developer are always in high demand. This is one of the most lucrative business to be in, if you have the technical background and knowledge, as well as posses the creative streak.

3. Social Media Manager / Consultant

On an average count, at least 70% of the population in the United States spend some part of their day on Social Media networks. Consequently, many businesses in the 50 States require help with managing their Social Media Marketing activities. Many small and medium sized businesses and, large businesses and corporates need social media managers / consultants who can plan, moderate, post, manage and organize their social media campaigns.  

4. Catering Services or Food Trucks

There is always a demand for good food and the present generation of young workers do not have the time to cook their own food. So they find it easier to stop by a restaurant, a fast food place or a food truck, to either get their lunch or to pick up dinner. If you have a passion for cooking, then apart from promoting your business, meet with offices and other establishments in your area, market your food. Everywhere, there are always people who love good food and will be your ambassadors once you provide them with good quality food.

5. Cleaning Services

This is another service that is always in high demand. Many people have beautiful homes but have a hard time taking care of the cleaning chores. The standard charge for cleaning a single family home begins at $120 per hour / once a month. With a partner to help you, you could clean 5 or 6 homes in a day and if you specialize in moving in and moving out services too, you are in business for a lifetime with a good income. If you can provide impeccable services then your clients will stay with you for many years.

6. Freelance Content Writer

If you have a passion for writing and enjoy blogging, then here is a home based business that you can work at in your own time. The only investment you will be required to make is in having a good internet connection, a laptop or computer, and very good written communication skills, regardless of which language you choose to write in.

7. Create Promotional Products, Fashion Wear or Print-on-demand t-shirts

Promotional products for corporates and events such as conferences, selling products online, such as fashionable clothing, footwear or accessories is a lucrative business. Print-on-demand t-shirts always have a market as many corporate companies and businesses require t-shirts to carry messages for certain events or to hand out to promote a cause or product.  

8. Online Tutoring

Tutoring services are always in demand, as many children and young teens need help with extra coaching classes. You could teach maths, the English language, Spanish, French or Chinese, guide students with their Life Sciences lessons or simply help them with their homework (depending on grade and age), or be a music teacher. This small business requires investment of your time for you to earn a great income.

9. Party / Wedding Planner

If you have creative ideas, organizing skills and love planning weddings and parties, then you are all set to start your own business. Your income can be taken out of the commission you earn on every booking, and the fees you charge for sharing your skills. Tying up with other businesses like the bakery or the florist can further bring in some more income.

10. Pet Care Services

Many pet owners, especially those who have dogs, need services for their pets. It is not easy to always find the time to take a dog for grooming or to the park for the pet to stretch its legs. You will find such owners often living in Condos or Apartments. Often there are pet owners who require kennel services, when they plan on a family trip away from home. So if you have a special affinity working with pets, providing grooming, care or walking / playing at the park services, then this is also a very good business to start with low investment budgets.

11. Cooking, Chess or Arts and Crafts Classes

Many schools have after school and Child centric care services that either offer after school cooking class activities or during the holidays. Many establishments offer short camps to teach young children and teens how to cook fun dishes. If you have the space to host a sizeable group of children at your home and have all the facilities to run a group activity, then you could offer cooking classes that children enjoy participating in.

If you have a skill playing chess, then coaching just ten children per month, one hour per class, can bring in a sizeable income. Likewise, if you have a passion to paint, draw or are handy with the crafts, here then is an opportunity to earn income to sustain yourself. Parents are always looking for ways to keep their children engaged in activities that takes them away from the screen and helps them learn a skill.

12. Child Care / Aged Care Services

There is always a high demand for nanny services and care for the aged. If you have the experience of either taking care of a child or the elderly, then building your own clientele by circulating the information in your area, should fetch you enough work to keep you busy and financially buoyant.

Starting a business using your skills, passions, ideas, experience or simply because of a financial necessity can be initiated. To help grow the business, create a brand image, reach targeted audiences / consumers / clientele, some marketing efforts are also required. This is where a digital marketing firm can help promote your business for you.

In our next blog we will be sharing with you on how to list your business in LocalBizNetwork’s Business Directory by using our simple DIY tool.

  • Nov 29, 2019

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