Deadline for using Gmail on Win XP and Vista

If you are a Windows XP or Windows Vista user, you need to act soon. Google has confirmed that Gmail will stop working on Chrome Browser version 53 and below, starting February 8, 2017. This means that users who are still using Windows XP and Windows Vista desktops and laptops will not be able to use the emailing platform by Google, if they are using Chrome Browser. 

New Yorker Starts a Coaching Business in Silicon Valley

Silcion Valley can be a difficult place to relocate to. Starting a small business in welathy Silicon Valley can be challenging and intimidating as well. Coaching can be a lucrative small business for a person thinking of a second career.

Solar Consultants - Much Needed Service in Silicon Valleys

When John Cimino and Tim Muller met recently in a coffee shop, they decided to start a small business. They are childhood friends and had known each other for a long time. Tim Muller was in the restaurant business previously, running the famous Lou's Village in San Jose that everybody loved to hang out. He was a well known icon in the community like John Cimino who was well know in the education circles managing multi-million dollar educational construction sites in Silicon Valley.

Is Becoming a Member of a Trade Association Necessary?

Trade AssociationAs a small business owner it is a good idea to join a trade association to learn more about your industry on an ongoing basis. Commercial cleaning business can be a lucrative small business. In the United States, the trade association for the industrial cleaning business is Restoration Industry Association -