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Most people enjoy spending time with children but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will make good child educators or carers. There are certain qualities that are important in individuals who have chosen early child care as their career and want to be licensed child care providers. 

A Passion for Early Childhood Education

It is not only important for aspiring carers to enjoy being around children, but they should also have a passion for early childhood education and activities. This will include an understanding of basic cognitive, behavioral, social and physical developmental milestones.

Patience and Understanding

Young children have an abundance of energy and they can be a bit trying at times. An early child carer should have a great deal of patience and a good sense of humor to keep up with and appreciate the energy levels of children.


One of the biggest ways by which a child learns is by exploring with all her senses. An early care setting is a space where young children first experience the world around them. It is important to make the space as exciting and creative as possible so that every day the child makes new discoveries, learns new skills and achieves milestones.

Communication Skills

Early carers should be good communicators, not only with children but also with their parents. It takes a well-coordinated effort by parents and carers to give each child a well-rounded head start. Early carers should be able to work with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children at the care space.

Proper Qualification

An early carer should be properly qualified to work with young children and should ensure that their charges achieve basic learning objectives and developmental milestones for their age level. They should be able to provide children with the skills needed to support kindergarten/preschool readiness.

If you are looking for child care in San Jose, you should ensure that they employ carers who possess these important skills.

  • Sep 01, 2021

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