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Sahay is an initiative spearheaded by Mrs. Lalitha Sridhar to facilitate child development & promote growth in young children through Early Intervention programme.  It is a process of identifying and assessing development delays in young children (newborn to 7 years) and providing intervention services to them. This maximises the percentage of children getting included in mainstream society and minimises the children moving into the disability spectrum. It also encompasses the education of these children and supports their parents.

Mrs Lalitha Sridhar has over 30 years of experience in the field of special needs. She is a developmental therapist, educator, and counsellor. She has worked across the age group of children in India and abroad.

Sahay team comprises of experienced development therapists, educators, and counsellors.

Core programme of Sahay:

• Early identification of developmental delay through individual consultations and through screening programmes in primary schools using standard tools and providing intervention services. Early Intervention is the pathway to Inclusion.

• Training programmes ( Saturday with Sahay) for parent empowerment and value-added training programmes for professionals.

• Facilitate inclusion through regular school teacher-training programme on child development and a basic understanding of various disabilities. This will help them identify and understand the challenges faced by children with various disability and adopt appropriate strategies to enhance their development and learning.

• Provide consultancy to start intervention centres anywhere in India. It could be for setting up of Early Intervention centres / Resource centres in regular schools / Special schools / Vocational centres for children with special needs.

•  Associate with partners who would be interested in the area of child development. Funds sourced from them will be effectively used in setting up of Early Intervention centres in as many locations as possible in the interior Tamilnadu. This will make EI services available for children from economically weaker section; providing financial support to conduct screening camps in schools free of cost; to conduct training programmes for parent empowerment.

Early Intervention Chennai

Products / Services

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Saturday with Sahay Training Progs

  • Screening children in regular schools

  • Consultancy to start intervention centres


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What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention (EI) is

  •  Identifying and providing support and services to young children with development delay and their families.
  • Age group - (newborn to 7 years of age). 
  • Early identification of challenges in children, helps them  meet their developmental milestones much faster.
  • Reduces the percentage of children getting into disability spectrum.

How do I know that my child need these services?

Though children develop at their own pace, certain  milestones like crawling, sitting, walking, saying first words (speech), happen around the same age. If you suspect a delay in these developments or if you notice your child is not developing significant skills around the same age as his peers, do reach out to professionals for help. 

There may not always be a problem. If there is a problem, EI services are available to help your child who has trouble reaching these milestones or developing specific skills and to guide you through.

Who are the children eligible for these EI services?

Normally, children with development delay, motor delay, cognitive delay, Autism are diagnosed by their pediatrician. These children are referred to the EI services even before they enter the school and get their Individualized Development Plan (IDP) in place. Apart from this, children with Learning Disability(LD) , ADHD, are also eligible for the Individualized Education Plan(IEP). 

Early Intervention is a pathway to inclusion.

My UKG going child is struggling in academics in school. Does that mean my child has LD?

No, not really.

 It is important to be in tune with how your child is faring in school and to know what challenges the child is experiencing. Have a conversation with the teacher and if you feel your child is struggling more than normal, don't be afraid to seek help. 

 If help is sought early, the problem will be resolved even with certain modifications in the home environment and some intervention strategies provided by the school. 

What is early screening and assessment?

Early screening gives an overview of the child's performance,  their strengths and weaknesses, their learning skills, cognitive abilities and their social skills. 

Assessments provide a valuable insight on the child's lag if any and it is important to view them realistically to move forward.

Does that mean that, every child identified and going through the screening process will have learning disability?

Not necessarily, but many do. 

The special education team will develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) considering the child's need, guide the child through the kind of therapies / interventions that is required in order to become successful.

Are there any pre - requisites to register for parent training programme?

No. Parents and care givers of typically growing children, parents of children with development delay or disability, counselors or anyone interested in understanding child development and deviances can register for this training programme.

What is the purpose of attending parent training programme?

The  parent training programs 

  • Helps the parent to understand his/ her child's development and empowers one to handle the situation confidently. 
  • Gives ideas to facilitate one's child towards functional independence.
  • Helps one understand the cause of certain behaviour in the child and learn strategies to manage them 
  • Imparts knowledge to improve the child's learning skills, thus helping the child reach his/her goals and succeed in life.

Will the training program benefit regular primary teachers?

Yes, ofcourse! 

Apart from understanding normal child development the regular primary teachers should have a basic understanding of various conditions like ADHD, LD, Autism and other disabilities.

This will help them identify such children, understand their learning requirements and learning styles and  use different teaching methodologies to motivate the children to learn, guide parents to seek professional help  thereby promoting inclusive education. 

Specials / Offers

Reviews - 18

As a new grandparent, I was curious to know about developing the sensory skills early in children, and attended one session by Mrs. Lalitha Sridhar, I was amazed by the way the online session was handled by her with so much of ease and clarity. Sincerely felt that these early intervention screening if done at the paediatrician clinics and playschools, it would help all parents and children in a big way especially these days when parents are always hard-pressed for time due to their work schedule. If the screening is done at primary health centres, this will also help people in the lower economic strata in a big way. Prayers and best wishes for SAHAY for their continued service to the society. Savitha Guruprasad.

Savitha Guruprasad

15 March 2021

Attended "Toilet Training" session from Dr. Lalita Sridhar for our son, which has helped us all a lot and now he is able to go to toilet on his own whenever he feels the urge. Thank you ma'am for the guidence. - Toilet training (17.10.2021)

Nippani Adithya

13 March 2021

Very useful and informative. The speaker explained it so well. Simple and easy to understand. The exercise she taught there could have been a demo, video clipping or picture. Keep me posted regarding future webinar. Thanks - 12.10.2020

Anitha s

13 March 2021

It was very useful webinar. Lalitha mam gave very good suggestions on how to work with our kids, that’s we parents need. Pls let me know when mam is planning the webinar on motor skills and handwriting. - 2.01.2021

Aditya S

06 March 2021

It was a great session. Got answers to many of our questions without even asking. Thanks to lalitha mam for this excellent session. - 2.1.2021

Jasim D

06 March 2021

It was great learning about Behavior strategies. It was very informative and useful. Glad I was able to attend the session. Thank you – 19.12.2020

Suriyarekha Pyschologist

06 March 2021

The session gave a good insight about the behaviours of the kids. It helped us understand why a child is crying or shouting, and the root cause of it. Also, mam gave a clear idea of what has to be done and how to handle the child in such situations, without getting angry on them. Thank you mam for this useful session. - 19.12.2020

Lakshmi M.P

06 March 2021

The session was very much informative. We, Parents need this understanding about the approach towards kids to help them in speech and communication. Ma’am gave us so much of tips and techniques for stimulation of the kids. Thank you once again mam. Expecting more sessions in the future... - 21.11.2020

Lakshmi M.P

06 March 2021

Superb session, thank you for helping parents like us through this initiative - 8.11.2020

Uma Ramapuram

06 March 2021

It was very good. I learnt so many concept and techniques to initiate speech today. Thanks for creating this opportunity - 8.11.2020

Gayathri T

06 March 2021

The session was too much informative. We came to know about the root cause of behaviour problems as well. This session gave so much of hope for parents to bring in speech in our child. Thank you mam. Please let me know about the future sessions. Also toilet training session. Thank you - 7.11.2020

Lakshmi M.P

06 March 2021

I was fortunate enough to attend your session yesterday. It was so informative and extremely useful. Your wide expertise on this subject is awesome and I got quite a number of points for me to implement. Equally importantly the inputs and points from other parents were very useful too. I would love to attend any such future sessions on related topics. Please keep me posted and thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. - 7.11.2020

Rajalakshmi S

06 March 2021

Excellent session mam. Very much informative and useful. I missed toilet training session mam . How to get that? Also I would like to attend the future sessions (speech, etc). Please let me know whenever you have a session. - 24/10/2020

Lakshmi M.P

06 March 2021

The session was very much informative . We hope that small, small tips which madam gave would be helpful for us to train our children. The way she presented the session was simple ,easily understandable and applicable in day to day life. Thank you so much mam. - 24/10/2020

Lakshmi M.P

06 March 2021

Attended "Toilet Training" session from Dr. Lalitha Sridhar for our son, which has helped us all a lot and now he is able to go to toilet on his own whenever he feels the urge. Thank you ma'am for the guidance. - 17.10.2021

Nippani Adhitya

06 March 2021

Very useful and informative. The speaker explained it so well. Simple and easy to understand. The exercise she taught there could have been a demo, video clipping or picture. Keep me posted regarding future webinar. Thanks - 12.10.2020

Anitha G

06 March 2021

Thanks a lot Mrs. Lalitha for providing me a chance to attend your training session. As a personality development trainer I handled communication skill topic to various groups but today i had a different dimension and acquired lot of new information related to special need children. Your content and expressions were very simple, clear and informative. It gave hope and confidence to the participants. I had an idea to implement along with our regular curriculum. Instead of depending on the parents, we can start doing something for the betterments of the children by training our teachers. Anyway I am blessed with upgrading my knowledge through your experience. My sincere gratitude, appreciation and prayers for the effort taken for the welfare of the deprived society. Let us be in touch. Thank you Deepa for your concern and interest.

Jaya Bharathi | Erode Siddhartha School, Correspondent

17 February 2021

Very nice training programme

saranya gopinath

03 February 2021

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