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Sunlight Concepts is the Solatube Premier Dealer for the Santa Clara County, San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in the Northern California Bay Area. At Sunlight Concepts, you will find a team of  professionals ready to assist you with all of your daylighting & Ventilation needs. Our main office, as well as showroom, is located at 1130 Walsh Ave. in Santa Clara. We offer design consultation as well as professional installation. Whether you are remodeling, building a new home or you just want more beautiful natural light and Ventilation systems for your Home we can help.

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Do solar attic fans work?

Yes, they do work exceptionally well. I have had mine for many years now. They don’t cost a dime to run as they are solar-powered. I can run them all the time and they are continually doing their job of ventilation. This ensures that my house has fresh air all the time and any pollutants and toxins are expelled, keeping my family healthy. You can find out more about these solar attic fans in California by calling (408) 844-0081.

When should I replace my skylight?

A skylight is installed is to bring natural light indoors, and the purpose is lost if it doesn’t do that effectively. While skylights last for quite a while, you need to consider replacing them when your indoor light becomes very poor. You can get your skylight replacement done with the minimum of fuss with Sunlight Concepts. Call them at (408) 844-0081

What does daylighting mean?

Daylighting is the practice of illuminating indoor areas with natural light. It can be as a result of using appropriately designed windows and skylights. A good daylighting system will help you to bring natural lighting into your home in the correct manner. They will also help you have state-of-the-art sunlight-capturing technologies.

What is a whole house fan used for?

A whole-house fan is a great inclusion for your home’s cooling system. It is set up in your attic roof. The fan pulls air inside by means of open windows. This gives your house the benefit of fresh, outdoor air. Whole house fans are quite energy-efficient and environment-friendly too.

What are the Benefits of Daylighting?

Daylighting has many benefits. A good daylighting system helps bring natural light into the house. This can help:

    Production of vitamin D

    Is good for the bones

    Increases productivity

    Lessens fatigue

    Reduces eyestrain

    Is a mood enhancer

    Reduces electricity and HVAC costs.

You can contact Sunlight Concepts (408) 844-0081 for your Daylighting needs.

What are the advantages of an attic fan?

Installing an Attic Fan has many benefits.

  • It improves ventilation in your home, helps cut down on moisture in your attic and even lowers the temperature throughout your entire home. 
  • It also lowers the humidity and moisture in the attic and reduces the chance of the occurrence of mold.
  • The reduction in moisture also helps increase the life of your roof and lessens damage.
Is it OK to run an attic fan all night?

You should run your Attic Fan all night as it is the best way to bring down the temperature of your home. It is also the best way to ensure that your attic stays dry and there is no build-up of moisture which can cause dampness and mold, thus weakening the structure of the house. The reduction in moisture also helps increase the life of your roof and lessens damage to the roof.

What will be the impact of effective use of daylighting?

Natural light boosts vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, the skin absorbs vitamin D, a critical nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. Daylight also wards off seasonal depression and improves sleep and reduces health risks of fluorescent lighting. The best way to bring natural light into your home is to install a Daylighting System. At Sunlight Concepts, our design consultants will assess your home lighting and provide their expert assistance. We offer our clients energy efficient products that help make the home a healthier place to live in. Call (408) 844-0081 to speak to our consultant.

how to install attic ventilation fan

Installing an attic ventilation fan is a great way to improve the air quality in your home and help keep your roof cooler in the summer. Here are some tips for installing an attic ventilation fan:

1. Choose the right location for your attic fan - it should be located in an area where there is good airflow.

2. Make sure the opening to the attic is at least 18x18 inches so the fan can fit through it.

3. Install the fan according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to use caution when working with electricity.

4. Seal any cracks or gaps around the edges of the opening to make sure all of the air is being drawn through the fan.

When should I run my attic fan in the summer?

The heat that builds up inside a house in the summer rises to the top of the structure – the attic. This part of the house then becomes a place where the heat is the greatest and since there is no way for it to escape, it collects there and this causes the whole structure and interior air to become warmer. Sunlight Concepts is the Premier Dealer for Solatube, the brand leader in solar powered attic fans. We recommend that in summer the fan should be run in the evenings, mornings and at night and any other time when the outside air is cooler than the inside air. The fan will blow to the hot air and draw in the cooler outside air.

How long does it take to install an attic fan?

It can take anywhere from one to two hours to install an attic fan, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Generally, the most time-consuming part of the installation is running the wiring to the fan.

First, you'll need to measure the dimensions of your attic and purchase a fan that's appropriately sized. If you're handy with tools, you should be able to do the installation yourself; otherwise, you may want to hire a professional.

Do skylights make a room colder?

A skylight is a great way to let natural light into a room, but it can also cause the room to become colder in the winter. This is because a skylight allows heat to escape from the room more easily.

If you're looking to add a skylight to your home, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the amount of heat loss. You can install an energy-efficient glass that will help keep the heat in, or you can install a skylight with an insulated frame. You can also add insulation around the skylight itself.

Where should a whole house fan be installed?

A whole house fan should ideally be installed in an interior hallway or closet that is adjacent to the living area. This will ensure that the cool air from the fan circulates throughout the entire house.

What are the benefits of daylighting?

The benefits of daylighting are numerous and well-documented. Some key benefits include:

  • Improved mental health and productivity
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

Daylighting is an important part of green building design, as it can help reduce a building's overall energy consumption by up to 30%. It's also been shown to improve occupant comfort and satisfaction and has been linked with reductions in sick leave taken by employees. In addition, daylighting helps reduce a building's carbon footprint by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

How does a daylighting system work?

A daylighting system brings natural light into a building using technology like optics, mirrors, or prisms. Sunlight is reflected off of a mirror or prism located near the top of the window and directed into the room. The mirror or prism can be flat, curved, or angled to best reflect the available sunlight.

Daylighting systems are used to provide natural light in place of artificial lighting during the daytime. They are most often used in commercial buildings where energy efficiency is important, but they can also be used in residential homes. Daylighting systems are beneficial because they reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort and well-being.

Why is daylight so important?

Daylighting systems are important because they provide natural light to a building, which can improve the mood and productivity of employees. Additionally, daylighting systems can help to reduce energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

How many solar attic fans do I need?

The number of solar attic fans needed depends on the size of the attic and the specific conditions in the attic space. Generally, it is recommended to have one fan for every 150 to 300 square feet of attic space. It is also important to consider the ventilation needs of the attic and the specific climate conditions in the area. For example, in warmer climates with high heat and humidity, more fans may be needed to effectively remove excess heat and moisture. On the other hand, in colder climates with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures, the solar panels may not be able to generate enough power to effectively operate the fan during the winter months. It is important to consult with a professional and assess the specific conditions of your attic before installing solar attic fans.

How to replace a Skylight?

Skylight replacement can be a daunting task, but it is possible to do it yourself with some basic tools and knowledge. The first step is to measure the size of the existing skylight to ensure you purchase the correct replacement. Next, remove the old skylight by carefully cutting away any caulk or sealant around the edges, and then lifting the skylight out of the frame. Install the new skylight by inserting it into the frame, securing it in place with screws or clips, and then applying a new layer of caulk or sealant around the edges. Finally, test the new skylight for proper operation and check for any leaks or drafts. If you are unsure of your ability to replace a skylight, it is recommended to consult a professional.

How to install solar attic fan?

To install a solar attic fan, you should first choose the location and size of the fan, then install the mounting brackets, drill a hole for the fan, and attach the fan to the brackets. Finally, connect the fan to the solar panel, and test it to ensure it is working properly.

How do architects and engineers design daylighting systems for buildings?

Architects and engineers design daylighting systems for buildings with the aim of maximizing the use of natural light in indoor spaces. One important aspect of this design process is considering the orientation of the building and the positioning of windows, skylights, and other openings to take advantage of the available daylight.

During the design process, they also take into account the potential for glare, which can affect occupant comfort and productivity, and may incorporate shading devices or glazing treatments to mitigate this.

The choice of materials, such as glass or polycarbonate, can also impact the performance of the daylighting system, and considerations such as insulation and energy efficiency are taken into account as well.

In cases where existing buildings require improvements or updates, architects and engineers may also be tasked with skylight replacement or other modifications to improve the quality of the natural light within the space. Overall, designing effective daylighting systems requires a multidisciplinary approach and careful consideration of various factors to optimize both the visual and environmental performance of the building.

What are the different components of a Solatube daylighting system?

A Solatube daylighting system typically consists of three main components: a rooftop dome or collector that captures sunlight, a highly reflective tube that channels the light, and a diffuser that distributes the natural light into the interior space. These components work together to bring natural daylight into buildings, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

What are the different types of daylighting systems?

There are various types of daylighting systems for buildings, including:

1. Windows and Skylights: Traditional windows and skylights allow natural light to enter buildings, illuminating interior spaces.

2. Light Tubes or Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs): These systems consist of reflective tubes that capture sunlight on the roof and redirect it into interior spaces using reflective surfaces.

3. Light Shelves: Horizontal or angled surfaces are installed outside or inside windows to bounce natural light deeper into the building while shading against direct sunlight.

4. Clerestory Windows: These are high windows placed near the top of walls, allowing natural light to enter buildings while maintaining privacy.

5. Light Redirecting Films or Panels: These specialized films or panels are applied to windows to redirect and diffuse sunlight, reducing glare and distributing daylight more evenly.

6. Dynamic Daylighting Systems: These advanced systems utilize sensors and automated controls to adjust window shades or tint levels based on sunlight intensity, optimizing daylight and minimizing heat gain.

7. Skylight and Roof Window Treatments: These systems include features such as blinds, shades, or light-controlling glazing to regulate the amount of sunlight and heat entering through skylights or roof windows.

Each type of daylighting system offers unique benefits and considerations, and the selection depends on factors like building design, orientation, energy efficiency goals, and user requirements. Consulting with daylighting experts or architects can help determine the most suitable daylighting system for a specific building project.

What is the installation process for a solar attic fan?

Solar attic fan installation typically involves the following steps:

1. Site Assessment: Choose the most suitable location on the roof for optimal sun exposure and ventilation efficiency.

2. Roof Preparation: Clear the area of any debris or obstructions. Mark the location for the fan's installation.

3. Roof Opening: Create an appropriately sized opening on the roof, ensuring it aligns with the attic space and the solar attic fan's dimensions.

4. Secure Mounting: Install mounting brackets or hardware to secure the solar attic fan in place.

5. Wiring: Connect the solar attic fan's wiring to the electrical system, ensuring proper connections and safety measures.

6. Fan Placement: Place the solar attic fan on the mounting brackets and secure it firmly to the roof.

7. Weatherproofing: Apply weatherproof sealant around the fan's edges and mounting points to prevent leaks and ensure durability.

8. Solar Panel Installation: Position and attach the solar panel to receive maximum sunlight exposure. Connect the solar panel to the fan's power system.

9. Testing: Check the fan's operation and functionality to verify that it's working correctly.

10. Final Inspection: Ensure the installation meets safety standards and local building codes. Double-check the weatherproofing and connections.

Professional installation is recommended for proper solar attic fan installation, as it involves working at heights and dealing with electrical components. A certified installer can ensure the fan is correctly positioned and safely integrated into the attic space and the overall roof structure.

What is a Solatube skylight, and how does it differ from traditional skylights?

A Solatube skylight is a daylighting system that captures and channels natural sunlight into interior spaces using reflective tubing. Unlike traditional skylights, which are larger and require more structural modification, Solatube skylights are compact, allowing installation in various spaces. They utilize advanced optics to amplify and diffuse sunlight, reducing glare and heat while evenly distributing light. Solatube skylights are also energy-efficient, minimizing heat loss or gain. Additionally, they can be equipped with add-ons like dimmers or ventilation systems. Overall, Solatube skylights offer a cost-effective and versatile solution for bringing abundant natural light into buildings with fewer installation challenges.

How do Solatube skylights compare to traditional skylights in terms of installation, maintenance, and light diffusion?

Solatube skylights and traditional skylights differ in several aspects:


Solatube Skylights: They are known for their easy and efficient installation. They don't require major structural changes to the roof, minimizing potential leakage or structural issues.

Traditional Skylights: Traditional skylights may involve more extensive installation work, including cutting into the roof and ceiling, which can be more complex and costly.


Solatube Skylights: These systems have minimal maintenance requirements, often just needing periodic cleaning of the dome and interior diffuser.

Traditional Skylights: Traditional skylights can be more prone to issues like condensation, leaks, and heat loss, requiring ongoing maintenance and potential repairs.

Light Diffusion:

Solatube Skylights: Solatube uses a highly reflective tube to maximize natural light distribution. They often provide more even and consistent lighting, and some models have added diffusers to disperse light more evenly.

Traditional Skylights: Their light diffusion can be influenced by the size, placement, and surrounding architecture. They may not always provide as even or controlled light.

In summary, Solatube skylights are often preferred for their easier installation, lower maintenance needs, and efficient light diffusion. Traditional skylights may offer more design flexibility but can be costlier and require more upkeep. The choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and the architectural considerations of your space.

What is a tubular skylight, and how does it differ from traditional skylights in terms of design and functionality?

A tubular skylight, also known as a solar tube or sun tunnel, is a type of skylight that channels natural light into a room using a reflective tube. It differs from traditional skylights in design and functionality:

1. Design:

Structure: Tubular skylights consist of three main parts: a roof-mounted dome, a highly reflective tube, and a diffuser installed in the ceiling.

Size: Generally smaller in diameter (usually around 10-22 inches) compared to traditional skylights.

2. Functionality:

Light Transmission: A tubular skylight uses a highly reflective tube to capture sunlight from the roof-mounted dome and direct it into the interior space. The reflective material inside the tube maximizes the amount of light transmitted.

Diffusion: The light is diffused through a diffuser at the ceiling level, spreading natural light evenly across the room and reducing glare.

3. Installation and Versatility:

Ease of Installation: Tubular skylights are often easier and less invasive to install than traditional skylights since they require smaller roof openings.

Versatility: They can be installed in areas where traditional skylights might not be feasible due to structural constraints or space limitations.

4. Energy Efficiency:

Tubular skylights are designed to provide ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and potentially saving on energy costs.

While traditional skylights offer a larger view of the sky and surroundings, tubular skylights are effective in bringing natural light into interior spaces, especially in areas where traditional skylights might not be practical or feasible to install.

What is a home ventilation system, and why is it important?

A ventilation system for home is designed to exchange indoor air with fresh outdoor air, maintaining good indoor air quality. It expels stale air laden with pollutants, moisture, and odors while introducing fresh air. Proper ventilation removes excess humidity, reduces indoor pollutants, and prevents mold, contributing to a healthier, more comfortable living environment. It also helps regulate temperature and moisture levels, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and improving overall well-being.

What is a solar attic fan, and how does it work?

A solar attic fan is a ventilation device powered by solar energy that helps regulate the temperature and humidity in your attic. It consists of a solar panel to capture sunlight, a fan to circulate air, and a housing unit. Unlike traditional attic fans that rely on electricity, solar attic fans operate independently, making them energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity, which powers the fan. As the fan operates, it expels hot air from the attic, facilitating the exchange of warm air with cooler outdoor air. This process helps prevent the buildup of heat and moisture, reducing the overall temperature in the attic. By promoting better ventilation, solar attic fans contribute to energy savings, prolong the life of roofing materials, and create a more comfortable living environment in the home.

Reviews - 63

Judy was very responsive and helpful. Skylights were replaced between rainstorms with minimal wait time Installation price much lower than a competive bid.

Mike Penick

23 February 2024

After multiple calls, I found Sunlight Concepts, promptly rerun my phone call, scheduled next day. Repaired my light tube within 30 min, and off they went. Two guys friendly and answered my questions, took pictures. Very professional. They deserve 10 stars!

Lynne Fiore

13 February 2024

I was very happy with my experience with Sunlight Concepts. They came out and gave me two different quotes for the different options I requested. They fit me into the schedule in a timely manner, and even came back when I made a scheduling mistake. They communicated throughout the entire process, keeping me up to date on everything that was going on, from material readiness, to when they could make it out, and cost/billing. I would highly recommend them for any sun-tunnel needs.

Gregg Johnson

29 January 2024

Really appreciate the commitment to customer service! Two of my night lights were having problems and Muhammad came out the same day I called and replaced both, no charge.

Emily Harrison

29 January 2024

Hadi and his team are amazing to work with. They are organized, reasonable, professional and caring. Their work is really commendable and exceeds expectations. They make sure all tiny details are taken care of.

Rob J

29 December 2023

Every part of the process was exceptional - friendly and knowledgable office staff who set up the appointment and provided information; polite and energetic staff who did the installation (and were also pretty funny). And the price was very reasonable. The house was quite literally transformed.

Emily Harrison

20 December 2023

Oh my goodness! Your two techs were here today and installed 5 solar tubes in about 4 hours. They covered everything, and cleaned up when they finished the install. It’s like we have 5 new rooms! I’m so impressed with their efficiency, knowledge, and thoroughness. Great company, great installers, fantastic product! Thank you!

Elizabeth McDannold

20 December 2023

Very straight forward, estimate through installation! Answered all my questions, price was lower than others, helped with adding solar nightlights on both and made sure we knew about our solar tax credit! Nobody else did that! Mohammed and Hadi did the install quick, clean and easy. Very professional and willing to accommodate our needs. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Steve Gilsdorf

13 December 2023

An initial excellent very informative phone conversation detailing all aspects of planning a roof exhaust fan installation; very timely scheduling for the work; installers arrived on time and described all the work they would be doing including initial evaluation and inspection to determine the most appropriate equipment to install and where; rapid completion of the installation; printed documentation and warranty information described and given to me, and emailed the invoice and payment receipt with installation photos upon completion of the work. Thank you very much for your outstanding service! A+. It doesn't get any better.

Mark Siegel

13 December 2023

I am so happy sunlight concepts rushed the installation for me. They called me to install when there was a slot available for me 2 days earlier. The workmanship was great and did it very professional.

Billy Ng

26 October 2023

Muhamed was very knowledgeable and professional. He educated us about our problem with the sunlight and he did his best to fix it. He and his helper were super nice, efficient and provided quality work. 👌

Cris Perdue

19 October 2023

Sunlight did a great job replacing my cracked and old skylight. They offered some solutions and guided me through the decision and scheduling. I would recommend!

Amber Johnsen

19 October 2023

I totally enjoy the product and the service. Muhammad is an amazing guy. He’s patient. He explained everything he was doing. And didn’t mind (of course not) that I wanted 3 additional Solar tubes. He had extra on his truck. That’s professionalism at its finest. Although he forgot to put my table back in its place he still earned 6 stars. Cool company. I will totally recommend to my friends and neighbors. A couple before and after shots. A beautiful difference.

Chris Patterson-Simmons

18 October 2023

Great service and install. Also a great value. No more turning on lights during the day.

David Spilker

18 October 2023

We have worked with Sunlight Concepts in two homes, and have had consistently good experiences with them. We have had them install a solatube, multiple attic fans, and a whole house fan - would recommend on all fronts.

Caitlin Clarke

29 August 2023

I am so happy sunlight concepts rushed the installation for me. They called me to install when there was a slot available for me 2 days earlier. The workmanship was great and did it very professional.

Billy Ng

21 August 2023

We got two 14" tubes and one 10" tube, along with an attic fan and a whole house fan installed. The effect is quite large. The house is so much brighter than it used to be. Mohamed was very professional and thorough in his install. They arrived on time and finished the job in about 5 hrs, and cleaned up after they were done.

Karthik Vijayraghavan

21 August 2023

Overall great people and work

Abhishek Kumar

28 June 2023

We had Muhammad come out today and install a 14" SolaTube and we love it! To get the appointment Ali and Rami were super helpful and timely in getting a quote back to me and scheduling a time that worked for us. Muhammad, who came for the install, was professional, quick, and knowledgeable. It made such a world of difference that we are already talking to Rami about the next one! Definitely would recommend them!

Lauren Lauren

07 June 2023

Muhammad was on time and professional when measuring for our quote. He answered all my questions. Appreciate it!

Erin Turner

07 June 2023

The installer Mohammad n his assistant arrived on time. They did a good job n keep the work area covered n clean.

studiobng Ng

19 May 2023

Over the years we have had Sunlight Concepts install two solar tubes and a whole house fan. This time we were interested in discussing installation of an attic fan and a garage fan. The owner (Ali) came by our house and went over options and gave is recommendations. He was timely, listened well and gave reasonable recommendations. The installation crew also were timely, professional, very clean and worked with me very well. I recommend them highly.

Jim Parissenti

19 May 2023

Installer we’re on time, meticulous with their clean-up. Nice to work with them.

Susan Schwartzwald

05 May 2023

Great experience getting a Solatube installed! Muhammad was super professional and experienced, and gave us a thorough consultation on where to position the Solatube for maximum impact. Our dark room is now so much brighter, no need to deal with eye-straining artificial lights while working in the day now! Scheduling installation was really smooth with Judie. Recommend this company!

Elspeth Ong

05 May 2023

professional, installation was quick, product is great

Scott McColgan

03 May 2023

Professional with excellent customer service.

Veronica Corral

11 April 2023

Ali, Muhammad, Manuel, Judie, Margery and the team at Sunlight Concepts did a wonderful job overall. They installed a whole house fan and skylight for us. They were on time every time and kept us informed throughout the process. Professional and courteous service, and everything working well so far.

Sumedha Sinha

24 March 2023

It looks amazing and it is affordable for me. The only thing left for me is to see how it hold's up in rain.

Ranjeeth Devaiah

14 March 2023

Amazing Showroom of top-notch lighting solutions. Honest, knowledgeable, friendly staff help meet your sunlight needs!

Robin V

28 February 2023

This is an excellent company to deal with. The product is excellent. Love the light it brings into my room. The installer was efficient and explained how to remove nightlight if needed. The solatube is definitely a positive addition to my home.

Susan Goodis

10 February 2023

Mohammed arrived on time and gave me options. He gave the pros and cons. Excellent work. Sunlight sells the best products too!

Ray Hosler

07 February 2023

Installation was done well, on time, and they were careful with our floor and belongings. Gave good advice about placement.

Amy Dolin

07 February 2023

The strong wind from the atmosphere river storm created some problem to our sun tunnel. We are so grateful that Muhammad came in today to fix the problem right away in just a few minutes!! Muhammad Is very knowledgeable, professional, honest, and prompt. I would highly recommend Muhammad and Sunlight Concept to all my friends and family!

Juliet Ding

09 January 2023

Great communication, tech was early, professional and the installation was very quick. We had roofers onsite replacing the roof and both companies worked together to coordinate scheduling and kept me informed. Loving to 2 new Solatubes that were installed!

Christina Cedillo

09 January 2023

Smooth end to end process rom estimate to installation. Everyone’s very professional. Highly recommended.

Grace Castillo

05 January 2023

Response and fix was prompt, thank you

Frances Armentrout

05 January 2023

What an upgrade to the house. Nice product and solution delivered and installed by great professional technicians. Also, they fixed existing electrical issues as well.

Alessio Lisi

14 October 2022

I've used this company for 8 yrs " always" on point

Amy Kelly

13 October 2022

We had Sunlight Concepts install a solar attic fan and replace our broken skylight. The office was very diligent in scheduling and the installers were extremely efficient. I would highly recommend their services!

Priti Prasad

12 October 2022

Great service and very fast. Team was responsive and respectful

Brandon Simmons

11 October 2022

Installer we’re on time, meticulous with their clean-up. Nice to work with them.

Susan Schwartzwald

29 August 2022

We're delighted with our Whole House fan install. Sunlight Concepts were responsive and professional throughout the entire process.

Gearoid Murphy

29 August 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value The team showed up on time and finished fast. Very professional and responsive.

Lili Etessam

01 August 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness Excellent professional work Thanks Lam

Lam Hoang

22 July 2022

(1) Visited showroom before making decision. They are very professional, open discussion, lay out every possible charges and demonstration is impressive. So, easy decision to make to install a solatube system. (2) Installers, team of two, come right on time and knew exactly what they are doing. Asked me a few key questions to help them perform installation. My attic space is very narrow and difficult to crawl through, resulting bruises and scratches on the team leader. He whined, but task completes flawlessly. (3) They showed me briefly how to change rechargeable batteries for the solar night light in case of batteries life is at the end. In essence, they want me to call office if anything goes wrong. The entire work finishes within 90 minutes. My bathroom, in the middle of the house, is bright right the way! I almost need sunglasses going into this bathroom. (4) Manager sent me a detailed itemized receipt soon after installers goes back to office and delivered my payment. No ifs or buts, everything is straight forward and clear. Overall, I am very impressed with Sunlight Concepts. Definitely recommend to everyone. My rating for them is six out of five starts.

Chung Wu

20 June 2022

Muhammad and Wally did an incredible job installing our solar tubes. Super clean and courteous. Except for now having beautiful sunlight in our dark windowless bathrooms you would never know they were here. Two thumbs up.

Gary Knowles

20 June 2022

The staff who came to our home were polite, efficient and cleaned up before they left so our home looked as if they were never here! Thank you.

Agnes Veith

11 April 2022

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Quan Hoang

24 March 2022

Muhammad and his team were very professional and helpful. I am happy with the end results of the work.

yaushi chen

22 March 2022

The sun lights brighten our home! Our little townhouse is small but with these amazing ceiling “windows” our home is a breath of fresh air and feels bigger. We installed one in every bathroom and in our vaulted ceiling in the stairwell. Wow! Fast service and turn around on this project makes it a no brainer. In and out in under a few hours!

Lily M

28 January 2022

Sunlight concept is great I've referred them to many different people. Our company uses them on a regular basis as they carry too quality products. Their customer service is top notch and their installers do great work

Joseph A.

21 December 2021

We are a repeat customer and had sunlight concept come out and install another solar tube in our guest bedroom. We got scheduled in quickly and Majorie is an absolute joy to work with. She scheduled to come out and do the installation Zack. It rained on the day we were scheduled but Majorie was able to have us scheduled for the next day. Zack came out and did the installation. He was very courteous explained what he would do and got going. Kept the job site clean which I really appreciated. New solar tube looks great and really brightens up the room. Very happy on the outcome. The next day we experiences heavy rains and noticed a leak. We weren't sure if maybe it was the new tube or there wax another issue with the roof. To be on the safe side we mentioned it to Majorie who quickly scheduled some one to take a look for us. We live in a HOA home and before we got our HOA involved we wanted to ensure the solar tube was not the cause (basically doing process of elimination). Mohammed and Zack come up. Zack was fine to go back up and take a look for us. Mohammed on the other hand was "defensive" and kept the tone of we were accusing them for the leak. That wasn't the case at all. I am very grateful Zack said they should double check for us and he was able to fine the reason for the leak. Took a picture and shared with us. What a gem Zack is!!! This is what I call great customer service. We were grateful for what he did and showed it to our HOA and they will get the roofers out to fix the issue. Mohammed could learn a thing or two from Zack on customer service. We love sunlight concepts and especially love the service Majorie and Zack gave us. We have and will continue to refer them to our neighbours and friends.

Insiyah Yusufali

21 December 2021

Zach was professional and helpful. He helped diagnose an issue with my Solatube due to a missing jumper and was able to fix it on the spot. Sunlight concepts has been great to work with overall. Friendly and flexible.

Yu-Shan Fung

21 December 2021

Had a great experience with solar tube installation, was on time and professional

Archana V

21 December 2021

Thanks for fitting us in during our re-roof. Great communication & product!

esther liu

20 October 2021

Third install. Great as always!!

Jared Richard

20 October 2021

Super friendly, fast, clean work, on time. The fans seem to work great. This was a job well done from start to end. Thank you!

Sabine Rohe

22 September 2021

Showed up right on time and did a good clean job of installing. Product looks good.

Arnab Bhaduri | owner

02 February 2021

Good service, everything as expected. I asked for pictures of the roof and attic installs and I got what I needed. The light is strong and on the blueish side , because of the metallic tube involved. They (2) worked were very fast 1-1.5 hours. Hopefully the work and materials will stand up to the upcoming California rains and wind, a 5 year workmanship warranty is apparently included in the price. Seems to be a well done job.

Peter Iovan | owner

19 November 2020

Great and friendly communication, on time for the consult, & on time and speedy install. We will see how it holds up in the rain but the installer assured me they would resolve any issues. Smooth and easy process. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Brown

09 November 2020

I asked for pictures of the roof and attic installs and I got what I needed. The light is strong and on the blueish side, because of the metallic tube involved. They (2) worked were very fast 1-1.5 hours. Hopefully, the work and materials will stand up to the upcoming California rains and wind, a 5-year workmanship warranty is apparently included in the price. Seems to be a well-done job.

Peter Lovan

09 November 2020

I am giving a 5 star rating for the GREAT workmanship and professionalism of this company. They arrived on time well before scheduled time. Good...Clean up and no mess left behind.. . Good...The temperature for the day of insulation is supposed to be a high of 95°. I was so excited re: installation after experiencing extremely unbearable hot weather. THANK YOU SO MUCH MUCH for the awesome work

teri jordan

07 June 2020

Excellent service! Marjorie answered all of our questions and was very helpful. Mohammed was quick, courteous and efficient and done in less than 2 hours! Thank you!!!

Conrad Canderle

04 June 2020

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