Whole Body Chiropractic & Massage

Whole Body Chiropractic & Massage

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1399 S Winchester Blvd #140 San Jose, California, United States

About Us

The stronger and more flexible your body is, the better you perform, both mentally and physically. That is a simple fact. Keeping your body in peak condition, however, is not simple. Exercise is important, but it is not everything. In fact, at times exercise can result in pain and strains that reduce your mobility.

Whole Body Chiropractic & Massage is where you come to repair damage that has occurred to your body, get rid of pain and tune up the metabolism so that it functions at its best. We are a group of doctors who have focused on providing the best in chiropractic, massage and related care and services to our clients. We are known for our professionalism and medical expertise. Come to us for the treatment of:

•	Soft Tissue/Muscle Injury
•	Extremity Treatments
•	Sprain/Strains
•	Joint Pain
•	Repetitive Stress Injuries
•	Sport Injuries

We also provide the highest standards of:

•	General Chiropractic Care
•	Yoga Therapy
•	Acupuncture
•	Skin Care Treatments
•	Weight Loss Programs

It is our mission to not simply make you feel better physically but to also enable you to enjoy your health to the utmost by keeping you looking and feeling your best.

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