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The Child Care Square
The Child Care Square is a virtual town square where parents seeking child care can quickly and easily connect with licensed child care providers in their neighborhood. Our FREE service offers busy parents the most time-efficient, streamlined and frustration free way to find the very best child care solution for their situation.


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What should I look for in a childcare center?

One of the first things to check for is the safety procedures they have in place to handle the pandemic. The state has issued SOPs for all educational institutions. Make sure the child care provider you chose is following them. Then check on their schedule, their curriculum, the teachers, aides, etc. You should also ensure that your child is comfortable in the environment. Find a child care provider near you from the database available at the Child Care Square Portal at

What is a child care agency?

A child care agency will provide you with a list of child care providers near you that are worth looking at. I found my child care provider through the Child Care Square database. I went through them because they only let licensed child care providers and the best spaces register with them. This makes it easier for you to narrow down the ones that you want. If you are looking for a licensed child care provider in San Jose, check out their FREE database.

Which is the best childcare provider in San Jose?

To find the best childcare provider in San Jose, make a list of child care providers in San Jose through Child Care Square. They have a FREE portal that you can browse through at Make a list of things to check for at each place, like the teacher-student ratio, play facilities, and most importantly, what their safety protocols are regarding the pandemic. You should find one that satisfies all your criteria.

What are 5 criteria for selecting quality child care?

  • Licencing-The space has to come under and follow government guidelines.
  • Safety and security-They must follow the proper SOPs and safety guidelines.
  • Hygiene-They must follow all state guidelines on hygiene.
  • Good facilities-It should have a nice playground, library and all the facilities that will encourage your child’s growth and learning
  • Empathy and understanding-Your child should be comfortable at the care provider.

As a Childcare provider/worker, what are some things you would like parents to do more or less to make your job easier?

In these times of the pandemic, I wish people would be more patient and civil towards each other. Following all the safety protocols is our responsibility, and we should keep your children safe. We are a registered and licensed child care provider in San Jose that is strictly following SOPs. You can find us at the Child Care Square Portal database at

What should I look for in a childcare center?

First of all, you should observe how the staff communicate with the children. This will help you in gauging their interaction and then act accordingly. Besides, babies need care that is not fluctuating. The caregiver should be dedicated and consistent. You can also determine whether the childcare center shares your approach to child care and whether they are licensed

Is it a good idea to put a small baby in childcare?

Generally, children need the care of their parents to a great extent. However, when this does not take place for some reasons, the parents will take their small baby to childcare. Here the key is in looking for a reliable, reputed, experienced, ethical childcare center that gives sufficient care for the child.

What childcare options are there for parents with Covid-19 symptoms?

First of all, sending your children to a childcare during COVID-19 depends on a couple of factors. When the parents have COVID-19 symptoms, it is better to consult your paediatrician about child care options at this pandemic time.

You can also check with your child care provider thoroughly regarding daily routines. Every family needs differ, and it is best to discuss care options in a detailed manner with your paediatrician and child care provider.

Should I put my child in daycare?

This is one of the difficult questions a parent faces regarding the development of his/her child. Remember that it depends on the child. If your child socialises with other children a lot, then daycare could be a good place. However, if the child is a shy and introvert person, then the parent will think twice in putting him/her in the daycare.

The mothers who are working generally tend to put their child in daycare. Here, the Certified Childcare provider should be an amiable one, who understands the child and make him/her an empathetic person. When you want to put your child in day care, ensure that the staff interacts with the child cordially and are committed to the development of the child.

Reviews - 5

James Wilson

The Childcare Square has made searching for a sitter so much easier! The childcare providers sent by the company have been wonderful! This has definitely helped me manage my time better. So thankful to The Childcare Square!

12 April 2021

Jacob Charlotte

Thanks to The Childcare Square I can now have a more flexible lifestyle! Earlier I used to be so anxious if anything unplanned came up as I was very dependent on whether or not the babysitter was available. The Childcare Square is a boon to parents!

12 April 2021

Liam Olivia

I highly recommend The Child Care Square! I have been using them for the past two years and can vouch for the quality of their care providers. Now I don’t have to think twice before I can agree to an important business meeting or a lunch with visiting friends.

07 February 2019

Emily Emma

Ever since I discovered The Child Care Square my life has become so much easier! The care providers registered with the company are reliable and most often in my neighborhood! This has definitely eased a lot of the frustrations that come with being a working parent of small children.

07 February 2019

Gary Church

I would recommend The Childcare Square to anyone as the services offered are a 100% reliable! They have helped make my life so much easier! It’s an added advantage that the childcare providers are often people I know personally.

07 February 2019

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