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Ensure your home stays termite-free with Hi-Tech Termite Control's expert services in Termite Control and Prevention. Discover the right approach tailored to your needs: whether it's addressing active infestations with our precise Termite Control methods or fortifying your property against potential threats through our comprehensive Prevention Services.

Our certified termite inspectors are equipped with cutting-edge techniques to safeguard your home. From termiticide barriers to wood pretreatment and structural enhancements, our preventative measures are designed to keep termites at bay. Should an active infestation be detected, our inspectors will swiftly prescribe the most effective control methods and assign a skilled termite exterminator.

Count on our EPA-approved termiticides and advanced processes for effective and environmentally conscious Termite Control. Our arsenal includes solutions like Tim-Bor® for wood treatment, termiticides such as Altriset and Termidor for soil treatment, and eco-friendly localized treatments like the XTerminator 4.0™ for extensive infestations.

With decades of experience serving Southern California, Hi-Tech Termite Control offers affordable, efficient, and reliable solutions for termite prevention, control, and other pest control services. Protect your home today with our expertise and state-of-the-art tools.

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What is termite control?

Termite control is the process of stopping and/or preventing termites from invading and causing damage to a building or structure. Termites are very destructive pests that can cause serious damage to wooden structures, so it's important to take steps to protect your home or business from these little critters.

There are a number of different methods that can be used for termite control, including chemical treatments, physical barriers, and baiting systems. The best method for your particular situation will depend on the type of termites you have, the extent of the infestation, and your budget. Talk to a professional exterminator about the best way to protect your property from termites.

How do you control a termite infestation?

If you think you have a termite infestation, the first step is to contact a pest control professional. They will be able to inspect your home and determine if you indeed have termites. If so, they will develop a treatment plan specific to your situation.

There are many different ways to control termites, depending on the extent of the infestation and the type of structures that are affected. The most common method is to treat the soil around the foundation of your home with a liquid insecticide. This creates a barrier that prevents termites from entering or exiting your home. Other methods include installing bait systems, fumigation, and treating problem areas with heat or cold treatments. 

Does non tenting fumigation work?

Yes, it does. While tenting fumigation is effective in controlling termites and other pests, the need to vacate the premises, find a place for the pets to stay, a place to keep the indoor plants, and safely remove anything that could absorb the toxic fumigation chemicals is a hassle. Non-fumigation methods are also available which are equally effective and avoid these hassles. To know which is right for your home, contact Hi-Tech Termite Control, the most highly rated professional company offering both fumigation and non-fumigation termite control in Orange County.

How do you repair wood after termite damage?

Evaluating termite damage is not easy. What may appear to be minor damage could actually be serious and may even affect the structure of the building. It takes an expert to be able to identify and understand the extent of the damage. This is why calling in a professional termite control company to check and repair the damage is the best way to get it done. For termite damage repair in Orange County, the one company that stands out is Hi-Tech Termite Control.

Reviews - 6

We were told to get a family owned pest control for fair and reasonable service. We got a bunch of estimates and chose them; they were reasonable, and they explained in great detail, what we. needed It never felt like hand waving b.s. of a “salesman”

Family Silvestri

14 November 2023

I had a recent swarm of flying and crawling bugs that looked like they might be termites. I was very concerned about a possible termite infestation. Syd from Hi-Tech came out the day after I called them and did an inspection that determined they were flying and crawling ants and not termites. Syd provided some information on termites that was extremely helpful for the long term. I dodged the termite bullet for now and can rest easy thanks to the professional help from Syd Naranjo and the Hi-Tech termite team. I rated them 5 stars. Thanks, Syd!

Carter Carter

14 November 2023

I have been a customer since 2006 and Hi Tech kept my home termite-free for the last 17 years. Thank you to the superb, responsive and professional customer service rendered all the time. From Charity to Kristin, I received the same outstanding customer service each of the 17 years I communicated with these professionals. Thank you to my home inspector, David, who always provided meticulous inspections with clear, concise explanations of how to prevent termites. I trust David and always took his recommendations, the last being a 3yr warranty that included subterranean termites. I strongly believe and with full confidence say the HiTech is the reason I enjoy a termite-free home.

Irwin Periola

17 January 2023

Of all the companies I talked to, Dave Biacsi had the best inspection and professionalism! His 25+ years of expertise really showed and he was honest and straight to the point with me. No fluff, no bs, this is the company to go with. They offered many types of services and solutions for our termite problem which put me at ease knowing I didn’t have to move out for a tent. It’s a mid priced service so not cheap but not wildly expensive. They know what they’re doing.

Anony mous

14 November 2022

We ran into some termite issues a couple of years ago, and we decided to go with HiTech Termite, because we really appreciated that they didn’t depend on harsh chemicals to deter termites and that they offered multiple alternative options for treatment, we liked their price point, we wouldn’t have to move ourselves, plants, or cat, and we liked that they included a warranty for the work. We were really happy with their service, so a little over a year later, when we decided to sell our house. We reached out to have a pre-inspection completed by them since the work was still under warranty. We began to hit some snags and communication issues. We became pretty frustrated since it was such a stark contrast to our last experience with them, and were ready to drop HiTech and go with another company just to get our house ready to close. At this point, John, the newer owner of the San Diego area branch reached out to us. He had recently taken control of the San Diego area after successfully leading the Bay Area Branch. He was going to be in town to clear up some issues and set some new standards to match the quality of service he’d already established up north. He promised to take care of our repairs and get us to closing on time and he 100% followed through. His team was very polite and professional, and they did a great job and ultimately enabled us to close on time! We totally understand that we are all human and mistakes can be made, and at the end of the day I prefer to do business with companies who can own their mistakes and do what they can to make up for it. We are very appreciative that John and his team intervened and turned things around for us. We whole heartedly recommend this company if you run into termite issues! They will take care of your home with great respect.

Megan Tuschhoff

25 October 2022

Great company. Been doing business for years and never had to tent. Much healthier way to go.

Pat Richardson

11 October 2022

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