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Our firm offers a depth of business expertise and professional skills to a variety of organizations, large and small. We provide a full range of traditional services to our clients including tax planning, financial statement preparation, budgeting, forecasting and data processing. In addition, we offer advice and consultation in related areas such as mergers and acquisitions, tax shelters, financing arrangements and representation before regulatory agencies. We also prepare payroll and sales tax returns, W-2 forms, business property statements, as well as performing other accounting services to supplement the staff and/or capability of the smaller business. We are members of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.		 			 			 			 	

Products / Services

  • Tax Planning

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting and Data Processing


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What is the role of Tax and accounting Services in the organization?

Money is the energy that enables a business to function. The better the money is controlled, the more efficient the business. Taxation is the inevitable result of earning money and taxes must be paid. However, the less tax paid the more funds available to the organization. Knowing how to legitimately save on save leaves more money with the business. The funds that remain with the company must be utilized most effectively. This required that accounting be thorough and accurate so the management knows where the money is going and for what purpose so that the use of the funds can be optimized. These are the key roles of tax and accounting services.

What is IRS Form W-2?

The IRS W-2 form is used by employers to give details of an employee’s wages for a financial year. It will also contain details of all the federal and state taxes and other mandatory deductions made from the salary. This form is usually given to employees not later than the 31st of January so that they have time to use the information contained in the form to complete and submit their tax returns. W-2 forms in Campbell CA are often handled by a CPA firm.

What is tax planning? What are characteristics and types of it?

All individuals, businesses and other entities with a taxable income must pay taxes on earnings. The taxation laws, both federal and state, allow for various ways of saving on the amount of tax to be paid. The use of these tax saving options is known as tax planning. It is a complex subject and for detailed information on it, you should contact an expert on tax planning and related matters.

What is the purpose of tax planning?

Looking from a tax angle is important for financial planning. Tax efficiency is the key to tax planning, and the resources should be deployed optimally. There is reduction of tax liability through tax planning. A good tax planner will gauge your financial situation and will help you in gaining the best tax position. You will also have the peace of mind that an expert is handling the tax planning for you. You needn’t spend time in those matters that will consume most of your time.

What services are offered by CPA firms?

CPA firms all offer the same basic accounting services. That being said, the best ones specialize in specific fields of financial services or in special industry segments. If you are a startup, small or medium-sized organization, look for a CPA firm that specializes in offering services to this type of enterprise and has the experience and expertise to not only provide financial services but is able to provide clients with the guidance they need on financial matters.

How do tax accountants know what all is involved in someone's tax return?

Filing tax returns is a specialized process and tax accountants are trained in tax and accounting services and have professional qualifications that certify their capabilities. A CPA firm will have taxation, accounting and financial experts that will ensure that complete tax returns are filed so that the client will not face problems in the future.

Who must file a business property statement?

Being a small business owner, I know that filing a business property statement is a mandatory requirement. In California, as a business owner, you must file a Business Property Statement (also known as Form BOE-571-L) if you have over $100,000 in business personal property or are requested to file by the Assessor's Office. A CPA firm will be able to help you understand the issues involved and file the return for you.

Which company provides exceptional finance and tax planning services?

Many companies offer these services. While we do not wish to blow our own trumpet, Lamberty, Pyle & Associates LLP we are proud of our reputation of offering the best financial and tax planning services in Campbell CA. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and become partners in their growth. When they grow, so do we.

What are the 3 basic tax planning strategies?

There are a number of basic tax planning strategies that can help you reduce your tax bill. Some of the most common include:

1. Taking advantage of tax deductions and credits available to you

2. Planning your income and expenses to minimize your tax liability

3. Investing in qualified retirement plans and other tax-advantaged accounts

How is financial accounting important to a company?

A company's financial accounting is important because it provides a record of the company's financial performance. Financial accounting includes recording financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and issuing auditor reports.

These records are used to assess a company's past performance and to make decisions about future investments. Financial accounting is also used to calculate taxes. It's therefore essential for companies to have accurate and timely financial accounting information.

Reviews - 5

With a growing business, preparing financial statements for stakeholders is critical. Thanks to Lamberty, Pyle & Associates, I can pay attention to growth strategies, while they handle all finance and taxation matters.

Liz Ava

12 April 2021

We get our taxes done here every year for 20 years now. Steve's knowledgeable, courteous and gets our taxes done fast and it's easy too!!!

Ris Hines

12 April 2021

CPASLLP’s services are excellent and I highly recommend them! I began working with them years ago when I first began my jewelry business. CPASLLP has been with us all the way and have helped us budget, plan our taxes, and prepare financial statements so that our company runs without a glitch.

Richard Branson

29 March 2019

CPASLLP has really helped simplify a number of financial procedures in our company! Not only are their accountants well trained, they are also highly experienced. Highly recommend them!

Maria Jonette

29 March 2019

The accounting services offered by Cirimelli, Pyle & Associates LLP is worth highly recommending! They have greatly helped to simplify our company’s budgeting, tax planning, and data processing. Further, they are always willing to answer our queries and offer additional advice. They have our highest recommendations!

Candida Mary

29 March 2019

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