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Established: 1991 & Incorporated: 1992 Biotech has in house state-of-the-art technology and is equipped with latest equipment and has full access to latest information in pest control industry. Biotech is offering consultancy services to several food and drug industries and has several   leading clients both in public and private sector, banks, offices, warehouses and residential bungalows and apartments.Our ServicesGeneral Insect Pest Management Services:Our pest management, an integrated approach to control of live and as well as hiding insects. The main Insects commonly founds the kitchens and food associated area likes cockroaches, ants, flies and other insects such as lizards, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, silver fish, crickets, beetles, moths, caterpillars, worms etc are spotted and knock downed by our treatment and the insects which are hiding are flushed out of their hiding places such as cracks and crevices. The spray has a residual effect there by keeps the premises free from all crawling insect for a prescribed period. Regular prophylactic spray will keep you premises free from pestCockroach Management:Cockroaches are well known carriers of serious disease problems like salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and other stomach ailments. It adulterates the food materials and spread pathogenic organisms with their faces and defensive secretions. And also, their discarded skin spreads in the air within the premises causing asthmatic reactions, particularly to children and elderly people with bronchial ailments. If you don’t treat cockroach infestation quickly they can multiply into large numbers becoming hazardous to human health and hygiene. We offer quality and reliable solutions to control cockroach pest problem in areas for hospitals, offices, hotels, apartments and houses. We use odorless chemical spray, herbal or gel in management of cockroaches. One need not empty the kitchen any more nor you will have any smell of the pesticide and nor any spray is used the modern technique is to use the gel gun to place spots in the strategic places were the cockroach come in contact and due to the chemical properties acting on the nerves system of the contaminated cockroach stops feeding and dies and also contaminate other in the harborages because of cannibalistic character of the cockroach they feed on the dead one and contaminate themselves. Due to this domino effect total cockroach population is eliminated and you premises is free for a considerable period of time even up to12 to 18 months.Termite Management Services:They are medium sized soft bodied, social insects living in large colonies. They travel through a network of galleries made up of mud to avoid light.Termites enter building unobserved from the ground. They perforate the foundation through joints, floor and wall cavities and even penetrate tiny cracks in concrete. In RCC columns the steel used rusts during curing, the iron expands three times of its actual dimension during resting which causes cavities, which are exploited by the termites. Termites cause damage to wood, building material, trees, paper, book and railway sleepers as they feed on cellulose material such as wood, paper cloth etc.Control of termites and backed by warrantyMosquitoes Management Services:Mosquitoes play a major role in the transmission of human diseases more than any other arthropods. Female mosquitoes cause diseases (e.g. malaria parasite, filariasis, dengue fever, Chikungunya, Encephalitis and yellow fever) and can be transmitted from person to person or in some cases (e.g. arboviruses) from animal to man via vector mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in various types of stagnant waters. In order to control mosquitoes and integrated strategy has to be followeda. Larva Control – to eliminate the breeding places all the stagnant water spots have to be thoroughly inspected for mosquito larva and treat only, if found present.b. Adult Mosquito spray – The female mosquito is the nuisance to human and animals and are found indoors in order to control the adult mosquito all the premises need to be sprayed at a regular interval based on the density at least once in a fortnight.c. Fogging operation – To eliminate the male adult generally resting in surrounding of the premises, green plants and bushes and surviving on plant juices, fogging is undertaken ,fog is generated by thermal / heating of the chemicals to cover wide areas in a short period . Due to shortage of male mosquito the reproduction is reduced and density of mosquito population come down drastically


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