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New Medical Centre is committed in delivering the best care for every patient, investigating into their problems and tirelessly look for answers until we find them. We will individualize treatments for every patients which will enable us to understand the differences in disease patterns. Our culture is built on teamwork and quality so that the best care and service is delivered through every practice.

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  • Chest Medicine

  • Dermatology

  • Emergency and Critical Care

  • ENT

  • Gastroenterology

  • General Medicine

  • General Surgery

  • Gynaecology

  • Nephrology

  • Orthopedics

  • Paediatrics

  • Psychiatry

  • Rheumatology

  • Urology.



What is the best treatment for kidney stone available in India?

I developed kidney stones a couple of years back. I lived in Pondy at that time. I went to NMC Pondy and consulted with the urologist. He told me that the stones had become quite big and it would be difficult to remove them without surgery. I was quite scared but they did such a good job and the aftercare was excellent that I needn’t have worried so much. You can check out their urology department at Call +91 89398 89399 for an appointment.

What is best hospital for cancer in India for Immediate treatment?

When you are looking for a hospital for cancer treatment, it is important to find a hospital that offers different kinds of treatments for cancer. At NMC Pondy, a multi-specialty hospital with some of the best doctors, they have state of the art technology. Their oncology department is excellent and they offer some of the most advanced cancer treatment in India. They devise unique treatment programs for each patient.

How serious can a urine infection get?

A good medical check-up package should include blood levels, x-rays, scans, an ECG, etc. It should be a way to assess all the different organs in the body and see if they are functioning properly. It should help doctors detect any problems before it arises. I do my complete medical check-up at NMC Pondy every year. If you are looking for a place to do a full medical check-up, then is suggested. you can find out more about their health packages. Call +91 89398 89399 for an appointment.

What is the best way to get rid of back pain?

Lower back pain is reason enough to visit a doctor. It may be due to an injury, muscle sprain, poor body mechanics, or sudden movements. The pain may start as a dull, annoying one, to being unrelenting and severe, thus hampering normal movements and mobility. It could last for as little as one to two days or as long as two or more weeks and vary in intensity.

How can I reduce my risk of a heart attack?

There are several ways through which you can risk the risk of a heart attack.  You must have an eye on your blood pressure level, and if it rises, you should monitor it regularly and take the necessary treatment. Eating right is the way to health; hence limit the intake of food higher in sodium and added sugars. Besides, do exercises regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

Why do people burp?

We are constantly swallowing air when we eat or drink something. This causes the stomach to get distended or expands it. The release of the swallowed air up the esophagus and out the mouth causes burping.

Burping triggers

Sometimes, certain factors can cause excessive and constant burping. These include:-

  • Bad diet
  • Eating or drinking too quickly
  • Peptic ulcers and gastritis
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Talking while eating
  • Bad dental work
  • Medication

What are the leading factors to antibiotic resistance?

Antibodies have been prevalent since the 1940s. However, studies on the adverse effects of antibiotics have been initiated only in the 21st century. This implies that antibiotics were assumed to be safe, and hence, widely used to treat not only humans but also livestock.

These days the misuse of antibiotics, in the form of overuse, is of real concern due to its great impact on humans. Using antibiotics indiscriminately leads to drug resistance, a situation in which the drug is no longer potent enough to treat pathogenic bacteria. In the event of drug resistance, simple infections become untreatable, which can lead to a life-threatening situation.

Also, the overuse of antibiotics used in treating livestock has adversely affected the ability of these drugs in treating humans. Cattle are fed with fodder containing antibiotics leading to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria in them. When humans eat or handle meat from these livestock, they become infected with “superbugs, “as these resistant bacteria are called. Presently, superbugs are capable of causing pneumonia, skin infections, or urinary tract infections. This scenario is likely to worsen, should similar conditions prevail.

What are the symptoms of post-COVID-19 syndrome?

Some people with COVID-19 get better within weeks of the disease. However, some people experience post-COVID-19 complications too. Common symptoms that are found in these people include: fatigue, difficulty breathing, cough, chest pain, loss of smell or taste, etc. They may experience either one or a combination of these symptoms. When the patients undergo this disease, there is also impact on the patient’s mental health condition as well as the family’s mental health condition.

The heartening thing is that there are ways to manage the post-COVID conditions, Several patients get better with the passage of time. It may sound obvious, but the best way to prevent he long-term problems of COVID-19 is to prevent COVID-19 itself. Don’t forget to wear a mask, maintain proper social distancing, get COVID-19 vaccine, don’t travel in crowds, and wash your hands with soap and water often.

Which is a good place in Pondy for a master health check up?

New Medical Centre (NMC) in Pondicherry has several comprehensive health packages designed to meet all medical needs. These include a male and a female master health checkup in Pondicherry. NMC is the leading healthcare facility in the city and is known for its state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment and the highly skilled and qualified doctors that it has. The hospital website gives more information on the master health checkup and other packages.

What are the symptoms of hormonal disorder?

Hormonal imbalances can occur during your teenage years, during pregnancy, menopause, etc. It can even occur due to medical conditions, stress, etc. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Putting on weight

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness

  • Pain in extremities

  • Swelling in joints

  • Weight loss

  • Stiffness in body

  • A sudden manifestation of illnesses and conditions.

What surgical treatments are available for urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a condition when physical activity can result in the leakage of urine. Although both men and women may suffer from this condition, it is more common among women. Surgery for repair of the weak tissue or added support with mesh repair can be considered to help with urinary incontinence. The surgeon will decide on what surgical procedure is right for a patient. Laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery are popular options because it produces less scarring and pain and has a shorter recovery time as compared to traditional surgery. Call NMC Pondy at +91 89398 89399 for an appointment with a Gynaecologist in Pondicherry.

How long do platelet rich plasma injections last?

The Dermatology Department at NMC Pondicherry has experts in the field of using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth and facial rejuvenation. Both are highly effective, pain-free, and safe. The results from PRP for hair regrowth are long-lasting, but in some cases, maintenance treatments (injections) may be required every few months. In the case of PRP for facial rejuvenation, the results, often last up to one or two years. Contact us for more detailed information and to have all your question about PRP treatments answered. 

How do you treat pimples after treatment?

This is one of the most common questions that the aesthetic medicine specialists in the cosmetology department at New Medical Centre in Pondicherry are asked. We answer that skincare is an ongoing process and must not be forgotten at any age. Getting pimple treatment does not mean that a person can stop caring for his or her skin. When a patient comes to us, we do a detailed examination, discuss treatment options with the patient and once a decision has been made and treatment provided, give him or her all the information that is needed for post-treatment care, whether it is for pimples or anything else.

Reviews - 32

My grandma was admitted at NMC in March this year after she suddenly complained of severe stomach pain. Dr. Arjun and his team of doctors were quick to respond and diagnose the cause promptly. She had to go through couple of procedures and ended up staying in the hospital for couple of weeks. Through out her stay, she was very well cared for. A special thank you to Dr.Sasikumar for his professionalism and expertise. His confidence gave us immense strength during a very stressful time. A special shoutout to nurses on the third floor, especially Sister Praveena. These women are hardworking and full of heart. They go the extra mile to ensure that patients are comfortable during their stay at the hospital. Patient care coordinator Ms. Abinaya and Head nurse Jacqueline sister are amazing. It is a relief to have a medical facility like NMC in Pondicherry.

Kavin Prakash

20 May 2022

Holding my bundle of joy in hands and writing this review, since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have been visiting this hospital. Dr. Vijayakumari Madam was my consultant and i am very greatful and thankful to Madam, she was like a mother to me in my whole course of pregnancy, she is the best of the bestest. During the final stages of pregnancy I got to know Dr. Swaramya Madam, she is like a sister from another mother, my labour was a strenuous process yet both my doctors handled it so well and gave me all the strength and courage. Dr. Chidambaram Madam, was my baby's pediatrician and she took all care like it was her grand child . I am simply running out of words to express my gratitude and love for all my doctors.🙏 ❤️❤️❤️ It felt like staying at home post delivery, starting from the labour room to post operative to special ward, I was taken care by all the staffs including staff nurses, labour room staff, Post operative ward staff like their own family member. I was allocated room in special ward in 3rd floor, the staff nurses were awesome, answering to calls immediately and also taking care of me ,and teaching me techniques to feed. Room was neat and clean with good maintenance. Cleanliness and hygiene was very well maintained and routine cleaning was done both day and night. Food was really awesome and healthy diet was issued in neatly packed container. Over all I had an awesome experience , and at times I feel like I even miss the place. My heartiest thanks and regards. ❤️

Keerthana Kumar

20 May 2022

Good hospital for maternity care, on my own experience i never saw such a nice care provided like NMC, they took very much care for my daughter during her delivery under Dr.vijayakumari , labour staffs and third floor nurses are wonderful, they only thaught us how to handle the baby carefully, staffs ruthra took very much care in baby feeding, she is the one who always stood wit my daughter and assist for her feeding every time, and during night staff pravina took care, without no doubt NMC is having such a experienced and eligible staffs in hand and hearty thanks to the whole hospital team for safe delivery of baby. Very happy to visit Nmc

Guna Gunasekaran

04 May 2022

One of my friend got admitted in NMC ³rd floor, the service was excellent, the doctors and staff nurses are well experienced especially staffs Uthra, dakshayani, pravina, Gayatri, nandini,lakshmi and Saranya took very much care in all the shifts, very thankful for their services, the management should appreciate them for their kindness and I thank the team NMC for treated my friend well and good

Vino Nagu

29 April 2022

Good atmosphere, Service of doctors and staffs are good.

Arokiaraj Kishore

29 April 2022

Expert doctors and service


29 April 2022

Their Services were Awesome. They take care the patient as their own Relative. ( 2nd Floor SISTERS)


19 April 2022

Really i hd a very good experience with the doctor and the staffs in NMC..they tke cre of patients so well and the staff handling are also responsible nd carrying.thank for the team and Nmc.

Rubi Rubi

15 April 2022

The OPD service was good, only thing is the space shortage.. If steps taken more services can be provided..Dr. Jincy so good in handling patients. She was so response and took care so well..had a very nice service.

Bharath K

05 April 2022

It was a divine blessings for our family to have admitted my mom to New Medical Centre. From the first call to the Customer Care personnel (Shri Abhinaya) to the nurses/attenders of the 2nd floor, everyone took care of my mom with a big heart and prompt service. A special thanks to Dr. Arjun, Dr Giridhar & Dr A. K Das for their advice and regular follow-up. A special thanks to New Medical Centre!!

Nagapraveen Jayaprakash

25 March 2022

Had the best experience of delivering my first child under the expertise of Dr. Vijayakumari Mam in 2014. Now after 8 years I am second time pregnant and wanted some details about my first delivery. Abhinaya, the patient executive, has been very kind and helpful, in connecting with Dr. Mam and retrieve the details for me. Great professionalism and kindness.

Anu John

17 March 2022

Doctors and 2nd-floor staffs are treating very well.....they are very kind-hearted persons...

Krish san

17 March 2022

One of the best private hospitals ....doctors and 2nd-floor staffs are very kindly and treated well maintenance is neat and good...nurses are friendly treated and support very well ....thank u for the treatment

Ganga Kamatchi

17 March 2022

The hospitality of the NMC was really good ... Doctors and nurses were taking good care ... Premises were also neat clean... 2nd-floor staff's were taking good care of my father and kind heart and well responding ... It was a good experience ✌🏻

Gothams Gothic

17 March 2022

Heartfelt thanks to the Team NMC for the friendly services and support in difficult times. Further improvements will create comfort in the minds of patients and attenders. All the best to all.

siva nags

17 March 2022

We went to NMC hospital. Got admitted there. There was a nice treatment. Especially staff nurses are good in their work. Nice communication with us. My mother recovered well in a short period. Am so happy with their treatment. Really thanks to staff nurses mercy,vinodhini, and Priya.

George Raj

17 March 2022

One of the best hospital in pondicherry. They are taking good care of patients here.

H.Srikanth Hariharan

17 February 2022

I am really very happy and thankful to the hospital and management for giving a great service. During hospitalization, the patient was given great care. All the working staffs are so kind and helpful. I specially thank Dr. Arjun for his great care for patients. Also my special thanks to Abinaya's sister who guided us through our admission period and helped us get our insurance papers ready on time. Thank her so much for the timely help. I am very happy and thankful to NMC for supporting us. keep doing the good service. Thank you

Stephen George

12 January 2022

One of the best private hospitals in Pondicherry. Their doctors, nurses and staff are very friendly and professional. I'd like to specifically thank Ms. Abhinaya, their Patient Care Executive who was very helpful in organizing house visits and other services over the phone. Keep up the good work!

Parthibhan Amudhan

17 December 2021

" The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm " - Florence Nightingale * First of all thanks to Dr. Arjun Sundaram who took care of my brother so much and no words to express my gratitude. * And third floor nurses they are angeles of mercy. They are really too good in taking care and no words to praise them. * I am proud to say that your hospital is one of the best hospital in Puducherry. *Excellent treatment, good house keeping, gentle approach towards patient and a friendly atmosphere. * Once again my heartfelt thanks to Doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital.

Jose Vila

29 November 2021

New medical center is the place were we can find such a friendly doctors like Dr. Arjun, Dr. Ilavarasi, Dr. Swaramya, Dr. Ganesh, Dr. Shanthamoorthy, Dr. Ravishankar, Dr. Giridharan they are just amazing they will explain you the exact status of the patient but they won't threat us. And secondly should mention special thanks to abinaya patient executive care the amazing young dynamic women who helps you at the right time. The attenders (helpers) both female and male attenders they are really the perfect caretakers they handles the patient in a very soft tone they won't hesitate to help us even though we call them often and the receptionist are dead slow at the time of admitting the patient they are showing more interest and very fast but at the time of discharge they are dead slow worst service and finally nurses very bad service done by few nurses that too in night shift very rude behaviour showing attitudes just knocking the door at and asking to pay cash immediately and didn't passing the information to the patient regarding operation patient themselves ask about the procedure very very worst service by the nurses

Srimathy S

22 October 2021

My wife was admitted for delivery in NMC under Dr. Shanthy Michial and I'm very happy that my wife had a very safe delivery...the care given to my wife and baby was so good and all the staff nurses were nice and humble about caring for patients...I had a very happy service....

pavadairaj varadarassou

19 July 2021

Thanks to the NMC team for the good service, I came for OPD treatment and it was so good ..the doctor's in the screening area are so good and attentive to the patients..I'm also happy with all the other services provided...

mani kandan

19 July 2021

My father was admitted @nmc for covid 19 Treatment 5 days back, he is fine right now &Got discharged today morning. Thanks to NMC & it's team of doctors.

divya prasanna

28 June 2021

Best hospital in Pondicherry. My sister Mrs. Revathy Subramanian was admitted for covid treatement and she was taken care very good there. Dr.Arjun was very empathetic, which cured her sooner. All the staff nurses were very caring and they took care of my sister very well. The hospital was very hygiene and maintained very well. Even after the discharge, the doctor follow up is what really makes us moved and it makes a real big difference in the healthcare industry.

Srija S s

28 June 2021

Thanks for their service & help

saint paul.s

28 June 2021

Good medical services.


11 May 2021

My mom was admitted in NMC and she was given extreem care..during her hospitalization....I was so satisfied with the service and my big thanks to Dr. one suggestion is that the cost of the medication can be prearly informed that we may be mentally prepared...other side the service persons were so good and genuine...thanks for ur service best wishes....adding to it,my special thanks to abhi from HR team for all the support extended post discharge also since we required some follow up treatment post discharge,great thanks to Arjun sir for the care and treatment provided all-time.

Uma MaheswariJ

12 April 2021

Excellent service. Good maintenance 2ndd floor staffs all are white angels really I am satisfied

karuna garan

12 April 2021

"My very big thanks to NMC for making my delivery safe and happy ...I had a very great experience with the staff and doctors working...Dr. Vijayakumari was such great person and good hearted person...who was throughout my time and made my happiness true... thank you so much to the team... my big wishes for their future growth...."

Samra Mohamed | digi

24 March 2021

I am really happy with the service of ur institution... during the pandamic situation I felt that New medical centre gives the best care for the patients...the treating Doctor's were so good in handling patients...and give required advices...iam so happy and satisfied with Nursing staffs too....who were so kind and give special care for each patient in the out patient department....pls continue the good service.

Kamalika Bhattacharyya

16 September 2020

Thankful to the ortho doctor Karthik Anand sir for his help and care during this pandemic time.. HR Ravikumar sir is so kind and helpful in all the formulaties during the process.. good hospitality....

Kayal Vizhi

16 September 2020

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