Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj
Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj is the Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon and Co-Founder of Kauvery Hospital, with expertise in managing fractures, sports injuries, joint replacement surgery, and keyhole surgery. 

Joint, Knee, and Hip Replacement Surgery
Sports Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Fall Prevention
Arthritis Care
Osteoporosis Treatment
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Keyhole Surgery
Geriatric Care

Orthopaedic Surgeon Chennai


  • Orthogeriatrics
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Keyhole Surgery
  • Fracture Treatment
  • Neck and Pain Management
  • Sports Injuries



What are the benefits of geriatric care?

As the body ages, it not only becomes weaker, but it is also more susceptible to various diseases and ailments. The evaluation of the patient’s health and the nature of any disorders will be different from the process used for younger people. The medical problems, how they affect health, whether they impact other health issues, and the right course of treatment all call for specialized medical knowledge. A doctor specializing in geriatrics has the training and knowledge to understand, diagnose and treat the medical problems of the elderly most safely and effectively.

How much should you walk after knee replacement?

The relief from chronic pain and continuing knee pain treatment begins once the surgery is over. Within a day or two, a patient is asked to start walking and exercising the new joint. The return to “normal” or the physical state that the patient was in before the knee problems began will progress slowly and steadily. The timeframe will depend on the age and health of the patient and other factors about which a joint replacement specialist will be able to give you detailed and accurate information.

What is the most common injury in sports?

There are a number of common sports injuries – each sport has its own factors that may cause injury. Generally speaking, muscle strains, ligament and tendon tears, joint injuries, and cuts and bruises are the most common. In most cases, rest and common sense will be enough to cure the problem. However, if this does not work, or if the problem or amount of pain is severe, then an orthopedic specialist specializing in treatment for sports injuries should be consulted.

Is joint replacement major surgery?

Joint replacement is major surgery, but it is also commonplace and very safe. The term major surgery often causes fear and anxiety in patients. Modern medicine makes even major procedures much safer than ever before. An orthopedic surgeon will routinely perform joint replacement surgeries and will know exactly how to ensure that the best possible outcomes of the surgeries he performs are achieved. In the case of joint replacement, there is no need to worry about the surgery. Focus instead on the way life will improve after the surgery.

Why do people need a knee replacement?

The knee joint will be worn out or damaged. In such instances, your mobility will be impacted and you will experience pain during resting. If this pain doesn’t alleviate even after other treatments, it is time to go for knee replacement surgery.

How long does it take for an ACL to heal?

The normal timeframe is from 6 to 9 months, but this could be longer or shorter, depending on several factors. The extent of the injury, the overall health of the patient, the type of surgical procedure done and the rehabilitation process all play a part in determining how long full recovery will take. If you require ACL surgery, consult an orthopaedic surgeon who, after doing a detailed examination and reviewing test results and your medical history, will give you a clear picture of the extent of the ACL problem, the treatment options and recovery times and advise you on which will be right for you.


Can fracture be treated without surgery?

Yes, fractures may be treated without surgery in some cases. The right treatment option will depend on the nature of the fracture and the other medical factors like the age of the patient, overall health, other medical problems that could affect the recovery, etc. The decision of whether surgery is required or not can only be taken by an Orthopedician. If a fracture does not receive proper treatment, it can result in lifelong medical problems and pain. Always consult an orthopedic surgeon.

What is the main cause of arthritis?

There are 2 types of arthritis and each has a different cause. In the case of osteoarthritis, the cartilage that cushions the bones at a joint becomes worn away resulting in the bones grinding against each other, causing pain and limiting movement. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis the body’s immune attacks the joint capsule (the membrane that encloses a joint) and makes it swollen and inflamed. Consult an orthopedic surgeon for an accurate diagnosis and advise on the treatment options.


Bone HealthBones – those crucial components of our body that are taken for granted until a problem arises. Only then do we realize their importance in having made our daily activities effortless.

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Sai Sudha

V good doctor. I went with a frozen shoulder complaint, i am recovering slowly v energetic dr, wants a positive feedback from patients

31 August 2021

Narayanan Thanikachalam | Executive

One of the best Ortho doctor in the city...very professional and make us comfortable and the treatment would be transparent and very humble...would strongly recommend him

19 May 2021

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