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About Us

Catalyze Center™ for Learning, as the name implies, is a center that acts as a catalyst to enhance the true potential of students. Our prime aim is to provide custom-made tutorial solutions focusing on the ability of the student, thereby enhancing his or her true potential. We achieve this by offering Live Classes Online.

Catalyze Center™ is the brainchild of Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy.

Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy has a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and double Masters in Biochemistry, one from the University of Madras and the other from Michigan State University, E. Lansing MI, USA. She has 25 years of global teaching and research experience. She brings with her enterprising ideas to contribute to the education of tomorrow. She is the winner of the "Rising Digital Star Award" conferred by and the "League of Iconic Entrepreneur" award conferred by The Women Economic Forum. She is the Indian Chairperson for online learning conferred by the "All Ladies League" (ALL) and "Women Economic Forum" (WEF). She strongly believes in combining the power of education and technology to make the learning of tomorrow easier, more concept-oriented and personalized.

School Education

Catalyze Center offers unmatched coaching for school level Indian curricula of CBSE and ICSE classes 8-12, International curricula of IGCSE and IB diploma - Science and Commerce streams, Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum, Advanced Placement/K-12

"Live Online Tutoring" 

The major problem of a traditional class is its big size of 40-50 students. One tutor teaches the entire class. But one size cannot fit all. It becomes impossible to give individual attention to students with varying learning pace, capacity, and difficulties. At one stroke, the Catalyze Center solves these problems by offering "Live Online tutoring". These are personalized coaching sessions for students from the comforts of home in India, the UAE, UK, USA, Australia or any other location. Learning takes place in a collaborative and participative manner, saving travel costs and time.

Courses Offered

Catalyze Center offers unmatched coaching for school level Indian curricula of CBSE and ICSE classes 8–12, International curricula of IGCSE and IB diploma – Science and Commerce streams, Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum, Advanced Placement/K-12 Curriculum for admission to the US and European Universities, and furthermore, coaching for the SAT, GMAT, GRE, and IELTS exams.

Test Series
An authentic measure of the success of a coaching program is the actual scores of the students in the final exam. Quality coaching is indeed essential. But even more essential is the rigorous practice of the modules learned through a series of tests and mock exams. This is what in reality prepares students to face the final exam with immense confidence and zero tension. And the Catalyze Center has achieved great success in providing students with periodic assessments and excellent test practice.

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Products / Services

  • Indian Curricula - CBSE & ICSE

  • International Curricula - IGCSE/GCSE/Olevel Cambridge AS/A Level

  • IB Diploma

  • Advanced Placement (AP)

  • K-12 Online Tutoring

  • Australian Curriculum



Are ACT science scores important?

Yes, they are, even if your major majors are not science subjects. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, they contribute to your overall composite score, so they cannot be ignored. Secondly, science tests are designed to enable an evaluation of the students’ analytical skills, which are required in even non-science subjects. Not being able to do well in ACT science tests does not mean that a student will not score well, but it becomes much harder.

A tuition organization that specializes in online ACT prep services will be able to not only answer all your questions but will also be able to guide you and provide you with the learning resources to maximize your scores.

Is it possible to get an A in your A levels?

Yes, it is possible, but it requires dedication, focus, and a great deal of learning support. The dedication and focus depend on your abilities and the amount of work you put in. The learning support comes from outside – you will need expert tuition to maximize your chances of getting As. The best way to obtain this is to join a reputed tuition organization that offers IGCSE online tuition from expert tutors.  

What was the maximum number of AP tests that anyone has ever taken?

A student in the USA took 30 AP examinations. He scored 5 in 26 of the examinations and 4 in the remaining four. This is an exceptional case, it is not a good idea for most students to overstretch themselves and take a very large number of AP courses just to create a good impression for college admissions. If a student becomes overloaded, the scores could drop dramatically. Taking 10 or even 15 AP courses may look fine, but if the scores are very low in most of them, who will be impressed? If you are wondering about the courses to take, the right thing to do is enroll at a reputed online tuition organization where the qualified and experienced online advanced placement tutors will give you the right guidance and advice.

How do I identify the best IGCSE online tutor?

The disruption that the COVID 19 pandemic has caused the schooling system has created a massive demand for online learning. Unfortunately, many of these institutes do not have the experience or the staff to provide the required standard of online learning support. To find the best online tuition for IGCSE, you should search for an institute with a proven track record of success, a great reputation, and an expert teaching staff that will ensure that you will have the support of the best IGCSE online tutor.

What is the difference between IGCSE and IB? How are these two systems different? Can they be compared?

IGCSE and IB  have different focus areas. At Catalyze Center we have been providing our students the online coaching that gives them the learning support they need to supplement their own efforts and be successful in their examination. IB has a wide range of course options so that students are able to focus their attention on their areas of interest. IGCSE is more teacher oriented and the focus here is on learning by practice and experiment. It is, in many ways, this is the more traditional approach to learning. That is not to say that it is not a good option for many students. It is the individual interests that will determine which course is best for a student. Contact Catalyze Center for more information on this subject.

Can I do IGCSE online?

Yes, you can. Most students attend school and then opt for online tuition to complete their IGCSE preparation. However, students who have been homeschooled are also eligible to take the exam. For these students, the expert knowledge and experience in the IGCSE system that the teachers at Catalyze Center can offer are vital. Your best course of action will be to visit our website and contact us so that we may discuss your case and needs in detail and develop a study plan that is right for you.

Can homeschoolers do IGCSE?

Yes homeschooled students may appear for IGCSE as private candidates. However, being homeschooled, despite its many benefits, has a drawback in that parents are not equipped to teach their children how to deal with the pressures, demands and requirements of the IGCSE. Without this preparation, students will find examination success very difficult. That is why the best course of action for homeschoolers is to enroll in online IGCSE tuition so that expert teachers will be able to help them to prepare for the examination in the right way.

Is IGCSE harder than GCSE?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. At Catalyze Center we have been providing online tuition for both examinations. Out teachers are among the most highly qualified and experienced and the success rate of our students in both examinations is incomparable. IGCSE has a more traditional approach in that the end of the year examinations will determine how well a student does. In the case of GCSE, the regular in-class evaluation will also play a part in determining the final result. Contact us so that we can give you the expert guidance and online IGCSE tuition you need to make the right choice.

How many subjects are there in Cambridge?

There are over 18,000 students studying at Cambridge University. This number includes undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those enrolled in distance learning programs. The University offers more than 900 different courses across its 31 faculties and schools.

Which website is best for online tuition?

Catalyze Center has been in the online tuition business for many years and in that time we have established for ourselves a reputation for offering our students the 360-degree learning support they need. That means that we understand the examination systems and what they expect from students, have expert teachers in all subjects and are able to provide the personal attention and support that makes the difference between doing well and being very successful in an examination. Visit our website to learn more about the tuitions we offer and what makes us so special.

What are the benefit of studying in IGCSE?

One of the benefits of studying IGCSE is that it is internationally recognized. Schools all over the world accept IGCSE, so if you move or travel, your child can still continue their studies without any disruption. 

Another benefit is that IGCSE offers a wide range of subjects to choose from. This means that students can tailor their studies to fit their interests and needs. 

Additionally, many students find IGCSE easier than traditional high school courses since the focus is on practical application and understanding rather than rote memorization.

Reviews - 4

I am using the services of Catalyze for my son who is in 12 grade-A level for the last 6 months through online. They are excellent, have very good tutors, individually focused, meticulous coordination and follow-up, etc.

Ramesh Babu Guptha P

21 June 2021

To me Catalyze did not only tutored my daughter but also did provide me a wonderful Bespoke Online teaching experience. There is a huge difference between providing opportunity to become an Online tutor and molding one to become a well Trained and Successful Online Tutor. The credit entirely goes to Catalyze in making a difference in every child it touches through their real Online Tutors. Thank You Team Catalyze !!

Sunitha Peter

12 January 2021

Sagarika was into advanced math classes in Catalyze where she appeared for advanced 10th grade math in 9th grade and scored 93%. Vrinda Khemani, her math teacher taught her with great dedication and passion. Very happy that we came to Catalyze and found such a teacher.

Shwetha Mangal

26 September 2018

Very good place for Online Tutoring. I am happy with the teachers and helped my child score very high grades in the ICSE exam. The biggest advantage is no commuting to tuition centres.

Sumangala Kumar

29 March 2018

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