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Estate Planning

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Funding Living Trusts
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Trust Administration
  • Wills
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Amendments
  • Probate

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Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just for wealthy or the retired. Believe it or not, almost everyone has an estate. Your estate includes your bank accounts, investment accounts, auto, real estate, life insurance, etc. Estate planning is smart thing to do no matter the size of the estate.

Estate planning is a process of arranging the disposal of your personal wealth and preparing for your future.

When thinking of estate planning, the following questions should cross your mind:

  • What should I do to protect the welfare of my minor children?
  • How should I create lasting legacies for my spouse, children and grandchildren?
  • How can I prevent my family members from fighting over my estate after I die?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I want in retirement?
  • How should I be planning for my own disability or the disability of a loved one?
  • What if I own property in another state or country?

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