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A Global Leader of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions

SecureUSA® has been a product innovator from inception, more than 15 years ago. As early as 1999, we invented shallow SideWALK® bollards, decorative bollard enhancements, all-electric, retractable SENTRY Bollards, and FutureWEDGE® Active Vehicle Barriers and Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS). We manufacture all of our own product line, do all custom design control engineering, and mechanical engineering in-house.

4250 Keith Bridge Rd
Cumming, GA 30041
770.205.0789 | Visit Website

Internet Marketing Seminars

Latest Techniques to Market on Internet
Monday, May 19, 2014 @ 6PM-8PM
Venue: LocalBizNetwork LLC
4040 Moorpark Ave, Suite #103
San Jose, CA 95117
Cost: $35/person
This Internet Marketing class is for Small Business owners who needs to be educated on marketing their business using the latest techniques. This class will be taught by Ms. Indu Jayakumar who has been in the Digital Marketing field for 15 years. Ms. Jayakumar knows the small business sector extremely well and she is an expert in explaining internet concepts in simple easy to understand terms. 100s of small business owners have taken her class previously and have benefitted greatly from it. This class is an educational presentation and the seminar will cover the following topics:

1. Website content - How and why did Google change the algorithm?

2.What are Keywords? How do I research these for my business?

3. How do I use Google Plus and not pay for webinar applications like GotoMeeting and Webex?

4. I know Twitter is very powerful. How do I use it on my phone effectively?

5. How much should I be spending on Google Adwords and Display Ads on the internet? Will my business appear on the first page of Google?

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LocalBizNetwork offers the following services for Small Business Owners throughout the world. We understand that Small Business Owners are the backbone to every economy and we strive to provide economical solutions for the small business owner to thrive.

Small Business Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of every small business. Most small business owners do not have the time nor the budget to market their business in an effective manner. LocalBizNetwork, the global leader for marketing solutions for small business owners has the following options for growing a small business.

1. FREE Business Listing in our LocalBizNetwork Business Directory – See Sample
2. FREE Business Events Listing – See Sample
3. Business Events Promotion – See Sample
4. Featured Business Listing in our Business Directory for $29.99 per monthSee Sample
5. FREE Website with Basic Internet Marketing for $99 per monthSee Sample
6. Custom Marketing Solutions – Blogs, E-Newsletters, Mobile Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and Google Plus Marketing.

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Small Business Event Listing

LocalBizNetwork, LLC is excited to announce the addition of The Event Calendar which is a free to use service available to both LBN clients and anyone who wishes to benefit from this philosophy of accessibility. Any individual or entity, at any location is welcome to post information about any upcoming business-related events anywhere in the world. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to your perfect audience and increase the visitors to your site.

Small Business Marketing Training/Certification (Coming Soon)

LocalBizNetwork, LLC will be releasing an Online Training Module SOON. Busy Small Business Owners can educate themselves on the latest marketing techniques sitting in the comfort of their home or office. Small Business Owners can make sure their employees are trained easily on the latest social media techniques without having to travel to a physical classroom. Marketing on the Internet is evolving as we speak and it is important to educate yourself and keep in touch with the latest marketing techniques.

Small Business Jobs Posting (Coming Soon)

LocalBizNetwork, LLC will be releasing a Jobs Forum specifically for small business owners. Most small business owners are looking for temporary help, part-time help and consultants to help them with specific jobs within their company. Soon, you will be able to post your job requirements for FREE in LocalBizNetwork, LLC and get a response from qualified candidates locally and globally.

Social Media Memory Card Game

Learning digital marketing is fun in itself (trust us, it is). Now, how about learning it through a game model? From promotional techniques to social media catch phrases to famous players, you'll find yourself becoming more well versed in social media and developing a marketer's mindset seamlessly as you engage yourself in the game, all with the joy of playing. Memory games always bring smiles to your face, but our Social Media Memory Card Game sticks the message in your head forever, plus the smiles.

Price: $39.99*

* Additional $4.99 for shipping.